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  1. Cometchat or Arrow chat are the best & cheapest offers for such chat features to website systems as IPS or tons of others and you have plenty of features in this software The IPS chat has stopped in time years ago and is more than out of time - and also to expensiv what you get for it
  2. @Adriano Faria could you check my account please at your website for support - i cannot login there, get an error with user not exist
  3. can be deleted - get the problem resolved - IPS system had errors at upgrade of app / import tool, which had broken the whole app
  4. @CP social media should be a trend? Have a look how many people around the wourld use it every day and minute if you miss "trends" you will miss the power of a Community and before this trend will die your are long more than dead and it is no must ... everybody who thinks i don't need it is ok ..... But to not have or try it is a big mistake
  5. ++++++ A lot of systems/php provider use/offer this - and it is really a great feature and looks great - at wordpress are some abolute great apps available and it is also possible to code with php but i have no time & try to learn how the IPS internal codes work Here are 2 great example would be great if IPS @Lindy can think about it - or if they refuse this - maybe anyone of the developer can work on it (maybe @Adriano Faria @CodingJungle ...) - i think a lot of clients are interessted here about this app
  6. It is confusing i thought something is lost/broken in my licence or similar ... Not good to show this for clients
  7. @Adriano Faria 100% great work ! This is like ebay ! Awesome! such apps like from you & 2-3 others here, will keep ips still alive - do you plan maybe, that commerce from ips is not required ? Would be great, if it is possible maybe i hope you plan more such great apps like this in the future!
  8. @Brad Eden social media is a very very important point of use - but here it is a small cliff that you get/keep the user to your community / website and not have the most of it on the social media channels For example there would be a social media stream addon great for ips which is 100% integrated and takes part of your website - there are some great resolutions at other systems & a lot of companies, media use this at their pages maybe a little problem is too that the way of communities are moving from the old traditional way - and if you don't bring something new you will lose this part to other ways and this can be very very fast and a website is dead & you can delete it
  9. @Brad Eden the time of a "board" / forum only is long over for my opinion - but maybe the idea is not to be more as this ... & i think IPS must/should be also more than board/forum with some addons to it
  10. I can also confirm that i am missing something new or more on the way of time or maybe some try of innovation and not only basic parts which has everbody other too - for sure IPS has a perfect system where everything is hand in hand as well it has same style. But if you look just a little bit around the corner - you find wordpress where is nearly everything possible - i know that you have there not everything with one style and not everything is 1:1 good in same code, but system is free of charge and addons are very cheap without every some months renewal - but you have there sooo much things what you can offer and give to your community or to get new members into your community because you offer something which is not the default basic what you find everywhere. There is not just WP, there is much more .... I am also 100% sure that IPS clients will pay for additional good addons - which are not some little addons on the ground system, like coloring in posts or some changed things which are still exist I had also the problem with Blog for example, that the community does not use it any more because it is to similar with classic forum posts or also in pages with the comment system - blog is in the form of now a addon which will die I hope IPS bring soon something to have fun with the system still in the future as well to continue with paying renewal fees, because you get something for the 6 months charges - not just bug fixes
  11. I have now also tried to add a new link - system doesn't grab the thumb - just this with broken image:
  12. yes i have tried the refresh link thumbnail option too & it shows thumbnail refreshed, but nothing happend - as well tried to open category views & single entries - but nothing happend - only blank links image items, i had this some time ago too with the old api but i thought it is again regarding down problems of sneak - i have no idea why the api connection doesnt grab new thumbs Maybe ips has changed anything in last updates which cause this issue and there is a new bug in core
  13. Sorry haven't seen, i will wait for your help then ... Have a good time
  14. I have tried now too to disable cloudflare for some time but it does not load any preview thumbnail or looks like the issue is because of cloudflare .... I have no idea now anymore how to get it working that the app loads new images with the changed webthumbnail, api seems not to be down
  15. @Adriano Faria a little question - i have now setup cloudflare and this needs only https request to get best performance & security (i had sneak in use which offers only http:// and is in last time very often down) - i changed the api preview service now to webthumbnail and cleared all sneak.pw database entries with update links_links set link_image = '' is there anything to do now that the app loads new preview thumbnail from the changed api service ? or is there any cron runing in background which is needed ? or does it take some hours until it works ? (especially because of cloudflare use?) the cleared database images were gone within a second also with cloudflare active)) Because i have done with visit link or categories as written from you above, tried also with refresh thumbnail refresh but it shows only broken images / blank entries with nothing inside also in database are no new entries at link_image column Would be great if you have here any idea to get it with the new api thumbnail service working - thanks in advance
  16. @HeadStand Do you have a live demo of the FAQ ? especially where i can see about the multiple languages - this would be very important for me & purchase reason Thx in advance
  17. our assumption was correct - it was a problem from the thumbs api service - i have now nearly all link previews back in the system everything good again Regarding the new insert/displayed location information in text - is there a possibility to have it not shown below ? or could you add there something in next version that it can be set if shown or not below the map
  18. @Adriano Faria i never said that you are guilty or similar, i always commend your app & work .... just a try if you know something about an issue ... i will try some quieries later ... my first idea was also a problem with the api preview service ... but i have no access to the websites in company
  19. at all other parts of the system i found no issues until now - i don't know if there is anywhere else APIs used? (i have also tried with webtumbnail, also not working - shows broken images - with sneak i get a loading icon) - for links preview i have Store thumbnails locally disabled, because of law in my country, but this was also before update and i had a look to the pages before i have done the updates (no changes applied) - in ACP system & error logs i found no entries with errors or issues
  20. curious - before update, i had all previews of the links working and also the loading time was similar with other app pages of ips (all pages are still fast with ips 4.1.14, but when i have a widget from links directory inside or the app itself it is running for minutes, but after it stops, nothing changes) - i have first updated to IPS 4.1.14, second step was update your app to 5.0.3 i have also tried to use default IPS theme instead of own theme
  21. @Adriano Faria thanks for update of the app - is there something changed maybe with link preview pictures ? After update all my link previews are gone and not loading anymore (sneak.pw is in use - i have also tried to use another - webtumbnail, same result, also with refresh tumb) - ips system is also updated to current 4.1.14 as well the page is loading very very long at links directory app pages since update to 5.0.3 - page is there but the status icon is runing very long:
  22. regrettably i cannot assist you with suggestions - i come from Europa & i thought i have read in other topics, that you are from US, where you need an offer - sorry
  23. this is really perfect from IPS - i love especially the postings from Charles in Beta/Alpha section in client lounge - i hope this will continue also in the future
  24. Marketplace is not really a big repository to extend the basic IPS system or find good/comprehensive addons/apps ... there are only 2-3 contributors which bring some really good files, unfortunately - the rest you can build by your own if you can code a little bit or if you know who to implement some scripts With the IPS 4 system itself i am satisfied ... but addons & apps are a lack ...
  25. i understand for 100% what you want from IPS, but the decision of IPS is here, that they only accept files which are 100% clean & familiar with the code or which are on base of the IPS code (what is at 95%, or more of marketplace files) and not any conflict can happen - i can understand this in some parts too but also your opinion (my personal needs are also others then the cloud services & to expensiv for that what i get) - IPS want an easy handling & straight-lined performance I have also my own server, because you get the most power out of the box and you can change everything what you like & modifiy in codes/files - if you invest 20-30 €/$ per month you will find good performance offers, it also depends on your needs - also the system & files are very very easy to handle
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