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  1. ayuki

    TS3 Integration

    it's possible to update version 1.0.8 with latest version?
  2. ticket open Class 'IPS\Xml\XMLReader' not found resolved -download files in client area -upload in server -launch update
  3. ayuki

    TS3 Integration

    it's possible to combine image viewer in csssprite for futur update
  4. similar error with mysql' "IPS\Db\Exception (1034) Index corrompu dans la table" same line in db.php( Db.php::1524 ) i open ticket
  5. ips 4 use specific code for theme change this sidebar to {template="sidebar" if="theme.sidebar_position == 'right'" app="core" group="global" params="'left'"}for sidebar in left because if you see theme you find html=ltr or rtl ltr=left to right or rtl=right to left i have same problem with template because page builder use id mainarea for content of page if you create html page menu to drop block don't work... support don't understand the problem.... it's very simply to change in the futur update content for page builder in id=content wrapper no??
  6. add possibility of edit template of page builder (one template for ip.pages one for forum) is a good idea
  7. it's possible to add sidebar left in global template but it's two sidebar left or right in forum and pages i search one in forum and two for portal
  8. I ask myself the same question for example add a sidearleft to my homepage I need 1sidebar verttical in left articles in the middle and a right sidebar after i sue page builder for add block but i don't have left sidebar on the old version I was using just this code<div> <div class="ipsLayout ipsLayout_withleft ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_largeright"> <div class="ipsLayout_left">{block="articles_menu"} {block="portal_recent_articles"}</div> <div class="ipsLayout_content"></div> <div class="ipsLayout_right">{block="ts3_viewer"} {block="coalition"}</div> </div>page builder use template with sidebarright
  9. working in 3.4.7 in my forum but viewer ban flood too easy
  10. i don't have gif in my forum i have try code of prudated directory imgs is in good folder public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' code span <span class='ft'>{title}:</span> <span class='fc'><img src='/public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' title='{key}'/></span> forum 3.4.5 i have just country: i have resolved with <span class='ft'>{title}:</span> <span class='fc'><img src='http://myurl/forum/public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' title='{key}'/></span> i search to remove country behind flag
  11. it's possible to add empty space in the top and bottom (padding) for ts3block css
  12. the bug appear after the update of ip.content for the other bug i have add "addons" prefix in forum and "coop" in subforum i try tomorrow i create subforum for subject with "addons". i think "addon" prefix disappear of the view of géneral forum
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