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Help please, cannot link image.


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I would open a support ticket to have it checked out on your site or open a bug report with the specific images and information about your browser. 

This hasn’t anything to do with the link. It’s when you open the setting box, it fills in values for the width and height and they are not right for some reason. 

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3 hours ago, opentype said:

I could replicate the problem and opened a bug report:


Thank you very much. My English is not that good.

23 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

I don't really like making assumptions - I think I know what it is you are now trying to describe here, but please use words.

Is it the link doesn't work? Or is it the resizing of the image? (Look at the dialog box....it's going to get resized with those settings.


It is the unwanted resizing of the image. @opentype created a bug report. 

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