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So I was just wondering why when I look at my sitemap there are no Topics listed in there but on IPB official sitemap there are?


Now I am just using the "Recommended settings" function of the sitemap. I have went and looked at each forum and they are all set to "1".

So why when using the default setting are topics not added? Can anyone explain?


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1 minute ago, Durango said:

Dont know why nobody answered you

i have the same problem : sitemap not showing all topics : only 10%

i dont know why, standard settings...

Have you reviewed the forum settings? Make sure that none of your forums is excluded from the sitemap

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I just had a look, where do i check those forum settings ?

i looked at the page : &app=forums&module=forums&controller=settings

but i didnt see any setting related to sitemap

in my sitemap.php

i only have one line : /sitemap.php?file=sitemap_content_forums_Topic_1 with only 250 topics

whereas i should have Topic_2, Topic_3 etc with 1500 topics each (we have +15K topics)


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Hi Nathan

Ok i found this setting on every forum, and it was set as "do not include", and it looks like we copied each forum to create another, so they all have the same setting

So now i should set the "default priority" for each forum

as i have + 200 forums, is there a way to set this for all of them by one action ?

Tx for your help !

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