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Which would be the Best CloudFlare configuration?

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On January 7, 2016 at 11:00 PM, nodle said:

I think the standard settings are fine. But you want to stay away from Rocket Loader. I can only comment on the free plan though. I have not used the Pro. Maybe someone else can chime in.

Rocket Loader was causing problems with IPS 4 javascript, but since IPS 4.1.8 it seems to work fine.

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Just now, Jirinex said:

Can you elaborate please?

relying on an external service to protect you against DDoS, which can add additional latency. and when you actually do get hit, most of the time they could/will just null route your ddos filter and just send traffic as if it wasn't filtered. If everyone was wanting protection, get the big boy package and get the hardware closer to the box; any good host should be able to offer this for you in house. 

Majority of sites shouldn't even need to worry about direct DDoS attacks anyway. I've been running sites for years and have yet to see any attack directly on my site... and yes, i've angered (the P word gets filtered here lol) off some skiddys before so I was expecting an attack; but wasn't hit with downtime, maybe a small flicker on the network but lul. The attacks I've seen, are normally found when people use shared hosting or the whole datacenter gets hit.

Even one of the companies I used to work for as a MSP/ Network Technician they self hosted their website, and they've been up for 7+ years, have yet to see any major downtime due to cyber attacks, most they would see is extended power outages (and yes they have battery backup) and even that was rare due to generators.


TLDR; in order to make CF functional, would need to spend some serious cash, but at that point just get your host to invest in the equipment.



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2 minutes ago, Jirinex said:

Thank you. Apart from the protection against DDOS, are they there any speed benefits by using CF?

DNS? but idk, most of the time if someone doesn't get a shotty host, hosted DNS or DNS assisted by Google should be sufficient; 

I think that's all CF does anyway is DNS and DDoS. lol    


IDK this was what my experiences were, so I am sure I will have that one guy breathing down me going " you're wrong sir!"


--I think they also do caching, but that's another service that you could either do yourself or have your host assist you in and be better off.

lol I guess some could say i'm not a big supporter of CF. You are actually the first to ask me why.

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