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  1. Hello is there a way to ping one specific server but show another IP? For example, I want this app to ping node10.comugamers.com, but I want it to show a different IP mc.comugamers.com
  2. Hello I am having this issue on https://www.comugamers.com/modcp/ip-tools/?ip=xxxxx&area=applicationform_Submission
  3. Hello! I am getting this in the latest version of IPBoard
  4. my ads are out of control any idea what I could do They are huge and they are everywhere >.< SOS
  5. Hello! I have an issue I have created a field with a selection set from 1-10 but for some reason I get the numbers 3, 4 ,5, 6 replaced with that
  6. Looking for this so much, I was using the other. I will surely renew this plugin if this is added @Mike John
  7. I dont really like the new redesign, :l At first I thought my browser was bug lol
  8. Oh I think I didn't explained myself I meant in the Club Directory For example RolePlay Clubs -> Inside The clubs related to RolePlay Gaming Clubs - > Inside Gaming Clubs
  9. Could be a feature added in Club Enchancements, just as Group Collaboration has
  10. Is there a way to let organize the clubs in categories? I want to have a main page with all categories
  11. I can't uninstall the app, if I do my webpage goes down
  12. I am also having issues with 4.2.1, I feel really dumb waiting while having my forum practically unusable I sent a ticket on wednesday, we are now sunday and I have been escalated a few times already , Tier I, Tier II , Tier III I got said again and again that it was a server side issue, which I dont think it was since before in 4.1.x it worked normally Tier III worked on my forum a bit, did a few tests but didnt reported me anything, I am blind on this no answers since friday from 7am, feeling horrible here, planning to downgrade at the moment and move on to another forum alternative
  13. Thats a good idea, using #
  14. It doesn't seems hard to apply It creates flexibility in the system which is what we all want
  15. This is a great app that should be inserted into ipb core However it would be great if you could make it more esthetic like a way to be able to @ a group
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