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  1. When trying to update I get this INSERT INTO `x_utf_autowelcome_members` ( `welcome_member_id`, `welcome_sent` ) VALUES ( 1, 1 ) Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY' https://pastebin.com/3VFmc0pd
  2. Hello is there a way to ping one specific server but show another IP? For example, I want this app to ping node10.comugamers.com, but I want it to show a different IP mc.comugamers.com
  3. Hello I am having this issue on https://www.comugamers.com/modcp/ip-tools/?ip=xxxxx&area=applicationform_Submission
  4. Hello! I am getting this in the latest version of IPBoard
  5. my ads are out of control any idea what I could do They are huge and they are everywhere >.< SOS
  6. I truncated it directly from the commandline, it has not filled anymore Just found it crazy that with 66 entries in that table the size of the DB would reach 20GB, now it is 2GB big, which is normal That is the case. Thanks everyone
  7. Hello! I would like some help on how to fix the size of my database which is 20GB but in fact it only has 6 entries at the moment
  8. Hello! I have an issue I have created a field with a selection set from 1-10 but for some reason I get the numbers 3, 4 ,5, 6 replaced with that
  9. Looking for this so much, I was using the other. I will surely renew this plugin if this is added @Mike John
  10. I dont really like the new redesign, :l At first I thought my browser was bug lol
  11. Oh I think I didn't explained myself I meant in the Club Directory For example RolePlay Clubs -> Inside The clubs related to RolePlay Gaming Clubs - > Inside Gaming Clubs
  12. Could be a feature added in Club Enchancements, just as Group Collaboration has
  13. Is there a way to let organize the clubs in categories? I want to have a main page with all categories
  14. I can't uninstall the app, if I do my webpage goes down
  15. Il_Picasso

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    Thats a good idea, using #
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