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Assign json value to variable


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im struggeling the issue to display a json field, taken from cm_credits:



Thats what i tried in various ways, but it seems like its not working.

(GPH is a currency that i added, its virtual)

How do i manage getting this working?


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No i am not able, due an error:

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_PARSE)

syntax error, unexpected '$return' (T_VARIABLE)

I'm getting more and more in a confused state with smarty and IPB. I tried researching everything around that, and each solution on stackoverflow is simply not working.
Has IPB some kind of his own implemention of smarty? What is actually the smarty version?

As example a solution which is posted on any available question is this:

{assign var=credit value=$comment->author()->cm_credits|@json_decode}

Does it work? No:


So what am i doing wrong?

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