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Posting sql examples here denied


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SELECT dbo.Employees.Last_Name, dbo.Employees.First_Name, dbo.Employees.ELocation
FROM          dbo.train_doc_emp LEFT OUTER JOIN
                        dbo.Employees ON dbo.train_doc_emp.train_doc_emp_emp_pk = dbo.Employees.Emp_pk
WHERE      (dbo.train_doc_emp.train_doc_emp_date IS NULL) AND (dbo.train_doc_emp.train_doc_emp_train_doc_pk = 118) AND 
                        (dbo.Employees.Active_Inactive = N'a')
GROUP BY dbo.Employees.ELocation, dbo.Employees.First_Name, dbo.Employees.Last_Name
ORDER BY dbo.Employees.ELocation

Worked for me?

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SELECT * FROM banana WHERE sausage = 'yum';


I think its a little rediculous that you cant post sql querys in code box in here. Just my opinion. If i wanna show sql commands, i have to post screenshots.

Is this an issue whereby you actually can't post them, or you can't see 'SQL' in the drop down code box?

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