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  1. It was just installed here to test everything on a live big board to find and address possible performance problems. The problems can then be fixed and tested again within the beta cycles before the final release. So its running its normal development course. No need to claim IPS is doing something wrong.
  2. There is an RSS import widget you can simply drag onto your homepage to link to content from external sites. If you really want to embed the content in your site, you could use the RSS import feature for the forums and then again use a widget to link to these topics from your homepage.
  3. Is your main page part of your IPS installation or not?
  4. You can turn RSS feeds on per database in the database settings under Options → Enable RSS Feed.
  5. Yes, that’s still in the settings for each Pages database.
  6. The form will be created automatically once you put the database widget on a page. A button will be visible for member groups who have permissions to add records to the database. That is something a developer would need to code for you, if you want to add that to the stock functionality of Pages. It doesn’t deal with member group assignments.
  7. Yes. You made a visually long empty post as an example. That could always be done. Just as posting 10000 words of nonsense text or porn images. Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean that the system needs to prevent it technically.
  8. Yes, we get this. You have posted about this many times already. ;-) But if people really want to break posts like this, they could do that in the past as well. The example you showed here could always be achieved by simply posting empty lines. So yes, its more a matter of moderation than of filtering.
  9. It would basically need artificial intelligence to decide between wanted and unwanted styling. We could certain strip out all kinds of CSS statements, but those same statements can be needed in the next post and break the layout or confuse the user when they are stripped out.
  10. Since you always should make a backup before upgrading, you can re-install that. But normally, if you experience a bug, you would open a support ticket so the bug can simply be fixed. I’m not sure about these screenshots. Looks like you have a heavily customized skin in use and problems might be within that skin. Please check your site with the unedited default template.
  11. Okay. Then you have to set your page to “manual HTML” during set up and code the layout yourself. You can use the grid system which comes with IPS 4’s CSS framework. http://reecea.github.io/ips4-css-guide/
  12. Where should that go? If you want to use the default block containers without any customization, this layout is not possible. If you don’t want to use them and build that layout as HTML in a page or database template, then it is possible—well, almost anything is possible then.
  13. Can you clarify what you mean by “parsing”? Turning the URL into a link? And if so, why would you want to prevent that?
  14. Something like: .cCmsRecord_image { float: none; max-height: none; max-width: none; } .cCmsRecord_image img { float: none; width: 100%; max-height: none; max-width: none; }
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