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  1. @Jennifer M, Why? Yes, member can indefinite subscription for "this" package, but why it cannot subscribe to another after some time? Which is the fundamental difference how he got a subscription? (by purchasing or through an administrator) I see that in code there is a check for whether there was a purchase (invoice), it seems to me correct to add an exception that if the invoice doesn't exist, then the price is calculated from the cost of the current package.
  2. Only for me manually added users in the subscriptions can not make the upgrade? If not, how about fixing this? We often give subscriptions and it turns out that the one who won simply can not improve it (subscription) further.
  3. I was surprised that there is still no such function. This is actually strange. IPS supports multiple languages, the Pages module allows you to create your own pages, but we can not place text on them that would be multilingual. Pages are not user-generated content, they are created by administrators, so it's logical to add translation support. I doubt, that technically this is difficult, because the same module Commerce supports the description for products in several languages.
  4. Thanks for reply! Guys, the main question is, will not the same happen to your other modules ?, for example Commerce.
  5. Hello! In 4.3 version direct support for SparkPost will be removed. I would like to raise this topic, because I think this is really important. We a big project, we sent tens of thousands email every months thru SparkPost and it's just working! Once upon a time (when we install IPS), it was proposed to choose a system for sending: SparkPost or SendGrid, we chose SparkPost and all was good, but now IPS management said: The main question: why? Why do you dislike SparkPost so much that you want to remove it? It's just working. Why touch something that is not obsolete, that is not broken, and more importantly - used by people. I'm very upset. Today we end develop new module for Commerce. In the near future, we will begin moving hundreds of products from the old site to IPS. This is a very risky step, because after 3-6 months I'm afraid to see the message like: "We are removing Commerce support because we want it." I would like to ask management if there are any guarantees that this will not happen? @Lindy @Matt @Mark
  6. Will it work for subscriptions? If not, will be something similar?
  7. Yes, thanks! Now, i wait REST API for Clubs
  8. Any REST API Endpoints for Members? IPS can not search members with REST or even get Member by name! I wrote about this half a year ago.
  9. Yes and even bought it! But i think, that REST endpoints for default modules MUST be from the box.
  10. They cannot add this already almost 3 months
  11. Any ideas about REST API endpoints? Create/Edit/Delete clubs, add memeber etc.
  12. Another one bump Maybe @Lindy? Maybe in 4.3? It's really needed, because with REST API external software can easy integrated with Clubs.
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