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    Considering it's free -- while its a premium quality theme, with superb support and being kept up-to-date with all IPS 4.x releases -- it's simply second to none. And IMHO it really should be the default front-end theme in every IPS installation.
  2. have to ask, cause if the aim is to have quality content and not have much of interaction? What made you chose IPB/IPS in favor of other solutions? ( a sincere question) Cause while I do love everything about IPS; I find myself still on the fence around my own personal projects. For example: wouldn't it be easier to then run a site with WP, Medium, SteemIt, Kartra or many other solutions out there? Or were you referring to SEO vs. SM traffic? Mind if I PM you? Interested to learn how you interact with a professional audience on a forum type of solution.
  3. @opentype that's okay I need to get back to site development anyway. As having the features at our disposal is one-thing; realisation is a differerent matter altogether. Consider what I shared the summary of about all articles in: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/community-management/ *edit* or the other news tabs and specific articles in them like this one (the 'diet' case) with a walkthrough on the setup.:
  4. Ah, glad you responded (as this ties in directly with the Patreon API discussion) ? What I 'reject' (read: consider oldskool) is the organic SEO traffic strategies, and doing social media promotion to gain +1 / likes towards promoting FORUM content.Cause when the end-goal of running a forum is to monetize it through ads? Then it's far easier to engage directly with an audience on SM without having a site indeed. So the usual applies; it all depends on goals / marketing / audience. Will throw in a more practical example towards attraction marketing: let's say I know an admin who runs a forum on diets (with ads on it). Huray another resource on that! But I talk to a friend of mine on WhatsApp / FaceBook Messenger, that I just launched a private club on top of that public forum (module). Then I attract my friend through me 1on1 to my quality content, without them being bothered about a random visit to another forum. And the only way to get access to my content is by becoming a 'VIP member'. Where 5% of my procedes going to the site admin. All without SEO / traditional internet marketing, and yet creating a win-win situation for everybody. If we keep doing things like we used to without factoring in whats coming and is being provided already by invision? Then its going to be like the good ol' days when Google changed something a decade ago and we lost all our traffic and could start over. And sure ... maybe the admin does internet marketing to gain more forum visitors, free members, and helps to build audience for that clubs? Maybe he has a club of his own? But why bother about all that overhead we can have club members grow their mini-communities and such grow sites as whole? Just a different point of view. Otherwise it would have been easier to migrate from IPB3 to WP + buddypress of sorts; superior SEO tools and more plugins. Or XenForo, or no site at all ?
  5. That's legacy thinking. Without being offensive. Its like deploying SEO strategies of two years ago in the present. Some of it still works, but 'the market' has moved into newer avenues. Moreover SM+ SEO is not about promotion, but engagement (on SM) to give a potential audience a warm fuzzy feeling towards loyalty (hence why all the ecommerce brands provide Q&A and aftersales on SM). Focussing attention now to just FB? Is a way. Not the best way (and do recommend to use it for obvious reasons). However, considering FB is extremely behind on 'money over IP' compared to the Chinese wechat for example. And the asia market? Is bigger than then entire userbase on FB. Which can access a website, but are (read: the chinese) blocked from FB for sure. So I wouldn't rule out websites just yet. Having written that, the majority of traffic supposedly comes from instagram. It wasn't until (literally) yesterday when I found out we could connect our 'established' FB fanpage to a new instagram account, that I got excited with opening up a new traffic avenue with a mininal overhead. As I consider myself 'too old' to be bothered with yet another new social media thing to explore; I really am not using myself. But its not about me ? itś about serving audiences and 'attracting' visitors to quality content on our sites. Anyway, combine that with autoposting features of instagram <-> facebook <-> twitter ... mixed with "Social Media Promotion" features of IPS4's "our picks". And .. just wow. Where monitization of forum audiences through for example ads / internet marketing? Is dead too considering the amount of adblockers in play (google for 'Basic Attention Token'). Pretty sure -- although cannot find the link at the moment -- that Gartner Research (or similar resource) is predicting a massive increase in building mini-communities*. Clubs & ecommerce module can do magical things in that area (the encouragement factor too). Doing that on just FB? Makes zucky more wealthy, and the 'toilet roll' (timeline) of groups is extremely unuseful compared to a 'traditional forum' or even a webshop. IPS is at least 1 year ahead of most trends. *) ah I remember again! it's called multi-vendor marketplaces. What we can build with IPS4 modules is like an udimi , envato, or alibaba for our particular niches. Where any or a selected few 'forum users' can setup their own minicommunity (read: clubs) on top of the 'main forum' without the overhead of running their own sites and/or gateways ... to offer their own Q&A, feedback, subforums, etc. to their mini community users. And have a (optional) % of the services/product procedes go to the site admin (with or without SAAS / subscription). And ... you might be able to API that together with FaceBook's shopping cart features on fanpages. Why oh why is there only 24hrs in a day?! So much exciting stuff going on, and with IPS we have are positioned for what's coming very soon. end-of-infomercial ?
  6. Hency why the release of 4.3 was a wet dream come true. No other forum or CMS solution has the features, bells and whistles around the topic of gamification, fanbase creation and viral growth like invision community does. And we tested LOADS of them before migrating from IPB3 (forum-only) to IPS 4.2 (and now 4.3.x): https://invisioncommunity.com/solutions/fan-communities Extend those with marketplace plugins around accumulating points. And... I haven't had much sleep the past few months. ? IPS is not a forum solution ... it can be used as such, but it is sooooooooo much more. IP.board est mort, vivre le IP.Suite ! Moreover, I would not worry about FaceBook if I were you. Its not used at all by the Centennials (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_Z). Instead extend your 'forum' with instagram Authentication / login (with or without FB), dig deep into whats possible with new features like clubs: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/new-clubs-r1017/
  7. I love to have that together with your plugin, except quickly browsing around the site I only see mention of "Send 15,000 emails/month and get 30 days of support with our free developer account." And no other free packages. So how did you accomplish that?
  8. sendgrid, sparkpost, amazon ses, mailgun, mandrill (part of mailchimp), etc. are all examples of "smtp relay services"; its to bypass the limitation set out by hosting providers for daily sending limits. A limit put in place to prevent spam. From an admin perspective using a smtp relay server (with or without API) also increases the deliverability to an users inbox instead of going straight to junk email. *edit* ah your question was about smtp vs. rest api? sorry
  9. you have to slide it out first. At around 26seconds in the video you see a tiny grey arrow at mid left of the screen. Press that to slide the widgetbar out.
  10. Found a display bug in the desktop sticky menu:
  11. yes, we have it running. Excellent! Just what I was looking for! But ... .. was hoping this would be a configuration option through ACP. Is it possible to create a language / flags dropdown for us (or is that part of premium version of plugin)? As all these parameters are readily available: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/locale_codes/#localize-the-buyers-checkout-experience or atleast match the lc value to the IPS default language value?
  12. Thanks you both, totally forgot about that OAuth2 support is built-in these days. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but definitely seems doable now. And didnt know that either about Steam. Glad you developed a plugin for it. ;)
  13. guess I missed something again. You mean that tool that doesn't empty the cache whereas this free plugin does? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8076-clear-cache/ and thus never looked into the tool again. So what else can it do? *clicking around my ACP backoffice*. Oh ... a great deal of things I will use next time ? oopz. On a serious note, has the clear cache thing been fixed too? *edit* that plugin solved most of our custom theme issues last year. *edit2* And yes invision tier 2 has a nuisance of repeatingly pointing to a 3rd party theme developer first, even when we tested it already and that it wasn't the issue (by comparing with default theme indeed) and thus started the ticket with extensive troubleshoots. But after clarifying a few times they do eventually take ownership of a problem and fix it accordingly. Plus in a lot of cases upgrading to the latest release of IPS4 + theme provided by an author does miracles too. ? *edit3* Shall I add more? Heck why not. Considering the amount of (little) money we pay invision and the high level of fast support that comes with a self-hosted license? Sure they ain't perfect, but a 8.5 out of 10 rating for sure.
  14. can you include a couple of screenshots how it would look on the frontend? and with prior comments in mind, does it work on 4.3.x ?
  15. Currently doing some research at how we can entice/make it easier for other nice markets to create an account or login with IPS4 powered sites. And after running into a couple of authentication plugins for Steam in the invision marketplace provided by @Aiwa and @Lavo , I'm wondering if there's something similar available for Behance (a platform used a lot by Adobe and multimedia creators )? The behance API docs are available, but have not yet found an IPS4.3 plugin for it. Is that something on invision's staff radar, or can be created easily by someone?
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