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  1. I love to have that together with your plugin, except quickly browsing around the site I only see mention of "Send 15,000 emails/month and get 30 days of support with our free developer account." And no other free packages. So how did you accomplish that?
  2. sendgrid, sparkpost, amazon ses, mailgun, mandrill (part of mailchimp), etc. are all examples of "smtp relay services"; its to bypass the limitation set out by hosting providers for daily sending limits. A limit put in place to prevent spam. From an admin perspective using a smtp relay server (with or without API) also increases the deliverability to an users inbox instead of going straight to junk email. *edit* ah your question was about smtp vs. rest api? sorry
  3. rhyker2u

    Who Was Online

    you have to slide it out first. At around 26seconds in the video you see a tiny grey arrow at mid left of the screen. Press that to slide the widgetbar out.
  4. rhyker2u

    Mind Theme

    Found a display bug in the desktop sticky menu:
  5. yes, we have it running. Excellent! Just what I was looking for! But ... .. was hoping this would be a configuration option through ACP. Is it possible to create a language / flags dropdown for us (or is that part of premium version of plugin)? As all these parameters are readily available: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/locale_codes/#localize-the-buyers-checkout-experience or atleast match the lc value to the IPS default language value?
  6. Thanks you both, totally forgot about that OAuth2 support is built-in these days. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but definitely seems doable now. And didnt know that either about Steam. Glad you developed a plugin for it. ;)
  7. guess I missed something again. You mean that tool that doesn't empty the cache whereas this free plugin does? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8076-clear-cache/ and thus never looked into the tool again. So what else can it do? *clicking around my ACP backoffice*. Oh ... a great deal of things I will use next time ? oopz. On a serious note, has the clear cache thing been fixed too? *edit* that plugin solved most of our custom theme issues last year. *edit2* And yes invision tier 2 has a nuisance of repeatingly pointing to a 3rd party theme developer first, even when we tested it already and that it wasn't the issue (by comparing with default theme indeed) and thus started the ticket with extensive troubleshoots. But after clarifying a few times they do eventually take ownership of a problem and fix it accordingly. Plus in a lot of cases upgrading to the latest release of IPS4 + theme provided by an author does miracles too. ? *edit3* Shall I add more? Heck why not. Considering the amount of (little) money we pay invision and the high level of fast support that comes with a self-hosted license? Sure they ain't perfect, but a 8.5 out of 10 rating for sure.
  8. can you include a couple of screenshots how it would look on the frontend? and with prior comments in mind, does it work on 4.3.x ?
  9. Currently doing some research at how we can entice/make it easier for other nice markets to create an account or login with IPS4 powered sites. And after running into a couple of authentication plugins for Steam in the invision marketplace provided by @Aiwa and @Lavo , I'm wondering if there's something similar available for Behance (a platform used a lot by Adobe and multimedia creators )? The behance API docs are available, but have not yet found an IPS4.3 plugin for it. Is that something on invision's staff radar, or can be created easily by someone?
  10. Not to mention how quality theme development & maintenance doesn't have to be in hands of only 1 person. As there's this thing called GPLv2 license with or without github. Where a group of people can make something better, and then having premium support by the author always makes sense (who decides when the major release are in the marketplace) to those who are not into coding. Also, a fairly high fixed price structure with or without SAAS ain't always the best solution from a customer point of view. For example: I'm from West-Europe where paying $25-75 for premium is considered pocket change, in other parts of the world its half of a month's salary. Not surprisingly a lot of IPS4 sites look like 1995 clipart indeed. Hence with aforementioned tips in mind, lowering the entry price for quality plus offering optional donation makes a ton more sense to me. So with the freed up money we can purchase more IPS4 modules (on self-hosted sites), to offer more benefits to our memberbases, extend functionality with more plugins, which will attract more developers, generate more traffic to marketplace (and thus increases sales towards premium things), and everybody will benefit more ... including invision with free demo's of IPS4 (clue) ?
  11. Filed a ticket about that a while ago. You shouldn't do theme updates in minor IPS4 releases IMHO if that's the baseline towards other themes. Makes keeping quality themes up-to-date a challenge indeed, but making admin's lives a nightmare. As we tend to do fixes of our own, and the further we move away from any branch (IPS4 or theme) the more difficult it becomes to upgrade later on and to install/expand plugins. However on that note I'm delighted to see the changelog https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ on 4.3.5 are made public now. On the matter of theme design? I totally agree on paying money for themes/plugins for premium quality. However some of us are very tight on budgets and reliant on donations. So if there's a way to work closer to how things are on WP for example? By releasing Lite (free repo) themes vs. Commercial on a 3rd party marketspace like Envato with more perks and premium support (or invision's own marketplace with or without in-app upgrade purchase in a free/lite theme)? That would be bliss. As to buy every theme commercially to then chose 1? Wish we had the budget for that. And just by running demo's on author sites I don't always get the right feel with a theme for purposes of our own, which is where the lite vs. pro approach comes in again. It tends to create a win-win for everybody. Not familiar with @ehren.'s work for example. As we got started with @Heosforo free theme (which by no means is low quality). It just came up yesterday in his feedback topic there are more excellent themes available. Didn't know, do now. And I'm probably not the only one who doesn't know. Anyway just my 2cts. P.S. sorry for bumping this topic ? Ran into it through google search
  12. rhyker2u

    Mind Theme

    cause we had the "more" issue too. Took us multiple days to fix it, as CSS ain't our strong suite . Super delighted to see you fixed it in less than 4 hours. But we -- theme users -- wouldn't know you would have fixed it based on versioning unless we follow this discussion. And version number is the only thing I check before reading a changelog or considering an upgrade. Maybe add another digit? So CSS changes and such get reflect like 2.0.8.x ? So it doesn't mess with your major updates versioning structure? *edit* and if we had known you fix things as quickly as you do in CSS, I would have brought it up here instead. BTW pertaining our 'mods' to your theme. Our dev team seems to enjoy a well deserved holiday. So waiting on them to get back, and hopefully, they can share their work/feedback in here, so we can make the theme better for everybody and put the management of it all in your capable hands? ? On that note, where exactly can we find your donate button? Cause I appreciate the theme is free (dare say you're F crazy ? ) pertaining the quality at which it is created, maintained, and the level of support you give, at the lean lead times you deliver excellence. OSXL might not be able to donate much in funds (and I need to get approval for those kinds of things from our entire crew), but love to make a small donation of my own.
  13. rhyker2u

    Mind Theme

    shouldn't it be 2.08 then?
  14. These 8 I re-read often: "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Dr. Maxwell Maltz "Focal Point" by Brian Tracy "Tribes" by Seth Godin "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki "How to Win Friends and Influence People" ~ Dale Carnegie "Unleash The Power Within" ~ Tony Robbins "Resolved" ~ Orin Woodward repetition is the mother of all learning ?
  15. Hence making a tutorial. Was going to sooner or later anyway (and create a separate topic about it); its just how it came up at the moment ? And going over other options based on your folks feedback and get some clarity, so others don't have to 2nd guess or spend time at it why/how something works when they run into it. As we already got full-blown picture walkthrough on our crew-only forum, but then only 2-3 people benefit. Love to give back to the community and providing pro-active solutions to unknown problems, cause invision support? Wasn't able to assist us with most things; forwards to forum -- on things that really should be in https://www.invisioncommunity.com/4guides (although respect that invision doesn't have infinite time either in dealing with niche thingies) -- and if I can help anyone save a couple of weeks by getting clear on what they really need? By sharing best practices; then I will. But yes you're right. Got carried away a bit; upzy. Hence also offering the suggestion to not setup a local testconfig at all, and just clone a live install + get a pro support contract. Something we had to figure out on our own as well. Anyway no such a things as the perfection solution ?Learning new stuff all the time too.
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