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  1. In fact it does do a whole lot ... end up higher in Google. Making it a matter of time before a nutcase comes along (read: me) who thinks like: *sigh* if no one else is going to do it?! it might as well be me. :-p Have no ETA / timeframe for it yet though. Big plans, not a lot of time, and still focused on WP development. Hoping to release some invision community plugins by the end of summer including this one. Unless someone is going to beat me to it ;-)
  2. rhyker2u

    Our Picks Homepage - Supporttopic

    Preview pictures in your plugin give me an access denied.
  3. rhyker2u

    Links Directory

    in that case? 😛 Split them in two features: plain old CSV import Google API would be superb (as thats where my sheet is currently running).
  4. rhyker2u

    Links Directory

    couldn't find it in the feature list on the plugin page, but this is a total must-have for me too. As I like to import (and manage) 1000+ links from an Excel sheet and/or CSV file, and doing it manually? Ufff.
  5. rhyker2u

    More option to embed links

    +1 for those requests. Moreover, as I was 'promised' by invision support during 4.2.x branch, that we would have more features towards GDPR in our 4.3.x backends. Haven't found it yet, anyone else has? As the deadline is 25th of May. And we prefer not to get fined.
  6. That nocookie mode will cause more problems for your user than it solves. It sounds great, but you will soon figure out drawbacks. Test thouroughly, and if you like it? Modify the code 😉 Or use a different CKeditor plugin for embedding video URLs.
  7. apologies for bumping this, but have the same question and found this topic through google. Yes, we can just include the addthis javascript snippet in our GlobalTemplate, but would indeed be nice to have a plugin for this indeed. *edit* and addthis.com offers a lot more features than plain simple sharing content. So it ain't bloatware, it's a toolkit must-have for every kind of site with features that can be done elsewhere / differently but would require atleast 10 different plugins without addthis.
  8. rhyker2u

    Bitcoin Support for Commerce

    No worries, I got 4+ years of blockchain and 15+ years of API payment gateway experience and we are going to run some really advanced things on the IPS4 powered platform of OSXL. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/10003-whats-going-on-ill-tell-ya-whats-going-on/?do=findComment&comment=77753 ... Some of those crypto currency plugins might find their way onto the Market Place of invision 😉
  9. rhyker2u

    How to disable link previews in forum post ?

    yes, except that option is always on the bottom of the post: which -- in case of creating large posts / FAQs with multiple embeds -- takes a lot of scrolling back and forth. I like the option, but perhaps make it inline on top of the embed instead of the bottom? Speeds up content creation considerably. Besides the fact it currently doesn't even get noticed.