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    Considering it's free -- while its a premium quality theme, with superb support and being kept up-to-date with all IPS 4.x releases -- it's simply second to none. And IMHO it really should be the default front-end theme in every IPS installation.
  1. I love to have that together with your plugin, except quickly browsing around the site I only see mention of "Send 15,000 emails/month and get 30 days of support with our free developer account." And no other free packages. So how did you accomplish that?
  2. sendgrid, sparkpost, amazon ses, mailgun, mandrill (part of mailchimp), etc. are all examples of "smtp relay services"; its to bypass the limitation set out by hosting providers for daily sending limits. A limit put in place to prevent spam. From an admin perspective using a smtp relay server (with or without API) also increases the deliverability to an users inbox instead of going straight to junk email. *edit* ah your question was about smtp vs. rest api? sorry
  3. rhyker2u

    Who Was Online

    you have to slide it out first. At around 26seconds in the video you see a tiny grey arrow at mid left of the screen. Press that to slide the widgetbar out.
  4. rhyker2u

    Mind Theme

    Found a display bug in the desktop sticky menu:
  5. yes, we have it running. Excellent! Just what I was looking for! But ... .. was hoping this would be a configuration option through ACP. Is it possible to create a language / flags dropdown for us (or is that part of premium version of plugin)? As all these parameters are readily available: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/api/locale_codes/#localize-the-buyers-checkout-experience or atleast match the lc value to the IPS default language value?
  6. Thanks you both, totally forgot about that OAuth2 support is built-in these days. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but definitely seems doable now. And didnt know that either about Steam. Glad you developed a plugin for it. ;)
  7. guess I missed something again. You mean that tool that doesn't empty the cache whereas this free plugin does? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8076-clear-cache/ and thus never looked into the tool again. So what else can it do? *clicking around my ACP backoffice*. Oh ... a great deal of things I will use next time ? oopz. On a serious note, has the clear cache thing been fixed too? *edit* that plugin solved most of our custom theme issues last year. *edit2* And yes invision tier 2 has a nuisance of repeatingly pointing to a 3rd party theme developer first, even when we tested it
  8. can you include a couple of screenshots how it would look on the frontend? and with prior comments in mind, does it work on 4.3.x ?
  9. Currently doing some research at how we can entice/make it easier for other nice markets to create an account or login with IPS4 powered sites. And after running into a couple of authentication plugins for Steam in the invision marketplace provided by @Aiwa and @Lavo , I'm wondering if there's something similar available for Behance (a platform used a lot by Adobe and multimedia creators )? The behance API docs are available, but have not yet found an IPS4.3 plugin for it. Is that something on invision's staff radar, or can be created easily by someone?
  10. Not to mention how quality theme development & maintenance doesn't have to be in hands of only 1 person. As there's this thing called GPLv2 license with or without github. Where a group of people can make something better, and then having premium support by the author always makes sense (who decides when the major release are in the marketplace) to those who are not into coding. Also, a fairly high fixed price structure with or without SAAS ain't always the best solution from a customer point of view. For example: I'm from West-Europe where paying $25-75 for premium is considered pocket ch
  11. Filed a ticket about that a while ago. You shouldn't do theme updates in minor IPS4 releases IMHO if that's the baseline towards other themes. Makes keeping quality themes up-to-date a challenge indeed, but making admin's lives a nightmare. As we tend to do fixes of our own, and the further we move away from any branch (IPS4 or theme) the more difficult it becomes to upgrade later on and to install/expand plugins. However on that note I'm delighted to see the changelog https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/ on 4.3.5 are made public now. On the matter of theme design? I totally agree
  12. rhyker2u

    Mind Theme

    cause we had the "more" issue too. Took us multiple days to fix it, as CSS ain't our strong suite . Super delighted to see you fixed it in less than 4 hours. But we -- theme users -- wouldn't know you would have fixed it based on versioning unless we follow this discussion. And version number is the only thing I check before reading a changelog or considering an upgrade. Maybe add another digit? So CSS changes and such get reflect like 2.0.8.x ? So it doesn't mess with your major updates versioning structure? *edit* and if we had known you fix things as quickly as you do in CSS, I would
  13. rhyker2u

    Mind Theme

    shouldn't it be 2.08 then?
  14. These 8 I re-read often: "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Dr. Maxwell Maltz "Focal Point" by Brian Tracy "Tribes" by Seth Godin "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki "How to Win Friends and Influence People" ~ Dale Carnegie "Unleash The Power Within" ~ Tony Robbins "Resolved" ~ Orin Woodward repetition is the mother of all learning ?
  15. Hence making a tutorial. Was going to sooner or later anyway (and create a separate topic about it); its just how it came up at the moment ? And going over other options based on your folks feedback and get some clarity, so others don't have to 2nd guess or spend time at it why/how something works when they run into it. As we already got full-blown picture walkthrough on our crew-only forum, but then only 2-3 people benefit. Love to give back to the community and providing pro-active solutions to unknown problems, cause invision support? Wasn't able to assist us with most things; forwards to f
  16. rhyker2u

    Mind Theme

    When we started our preparations last year for IPBoard v3 to Invision Community 4.2 upgrade, we wanted to have theme to closely resemble what we had before Design wise. However as most of our design team have moved on to greener pastures in 2013, and IPboard 3.x themes totally incompatible with 4.x it was a bit of panic thing. Even more so as we run a 100% open-source volunteer-driven ad-free community. What we lack incoming (optional) donations, we've always been able to compensate in superior skill. Anyway, what I like to get down to ? Our crew been working with Mind Theme since v1.01 and it
  17. I'm trying to trace back in my thoughts what made me decide to use homebrew, cause as mentioned did like MAMP pro a lot. As it's sweetspot between XAMPP and MacOS Server App. Think it was due I started with MAMP free version which had limited control over PHP and Mysql/MariaDB versions, and one point during site migration was running 20+ test environments and clicking around all the GUIs made me go crazy, and was using a lot of custom perl / python / awk terminal magic already to make certain changes a lot faster. But as that's far behind me now? Moving to MAMP Pro again for invision community
  18. Let's go on holiday to Portugal! Just heard on the news it's 48C overthere?! So nothing much to complain about with our mere 25-35C in west Europe ? (*edit* and UK .. Brexit ?). Jobs I am terrible at is anything which involves keeping my blood pressure / patience level in balance; things like 1st and 2nd level customer support instead of close encounters of the 3rd kind. Hence kudos to invision, as whenever my nuisance level starts to act up on a diversity of issues outside of invision's direct control I find it surprising how Marc for example is able to keep his cool with me, stays professio
  19. Perfect for WP; a nightmare with IPS / IPB even though the thought of having a GUI seemed attractive. Also tried XAMPP for Windows + XAMPP VM for MacOS + MacOS server app. Just as bad. Easiest / idiot proof way is to use homebrew. And written an extensive guide for it, which is on our crew only forum. Hmz, lets see if I can copy/paste it. brb ? HomeBrew: The missing package manager for MacOS X Let's get straight into the meat & potatoes with copy/paste cmds in a MacOS terminal. As it takes less than 10 minutes to setup! Install HomeBrew First /usr/bin/ruby -e
  20. Just did to get some eyeballs on my prior suggestion. And got a familiar response; we are not supposed to file feature requests or get invision's staff attention in support tickets. And use the forums feedback section for that instead. They did propose a workaround / step-by-step guide, which looks familiar to what you suggested already. Sharing regardless, might save others some time:
  21. @Steve Bullman that's why 3rd party syndicators have throttling built-in. Or that's how I call it. Where you can put a limit on syndicated posts that are being blasted out based on the RSS feed, so it doesn't turn into spam or massive unfollows. Problem with that is that you're kinda stuck with what exactly gets shared (unless you like to edit the share queue manually). What I've done thusfar is simply share posts manually. Turns into a dayjob very fast. Quite annoying. Just proposed a different kind of solution based on our prior posts. See: Anyway ... @Sheffielder as @opentype su
  22. Same here. And there aren't that many alternatives: It would be cool if Invision can implement a bridge to 3rd party syndicators from within "Social Media Sharing" IPS backend. Bypasses the FB issue altogether (in a lot of cases) and opens up more social media avenues with combining the best of new IPS4.x functionality. @Matt -- apologies for tagging you -- is that something that could be added to the roadmap? Would save us all a lot of time and frustration. And dev time for invision seems minimal to me (compared to integrating every SM manually from within IPS backend instead of only F
  23. We never had a lot of problems with captcha V1. When deprecated we moved to V2 earlier this year and pfff that wasn't fun. Tweaked a whole bunch of settings and there didn't seem to be a decrease. Sure I heard about the invision built-in anti spam as an alternative to Google's prior to upgrading from IPB3 to IPS4.x, but that can be no good, right? ? Nevertheless, we decided to give it a spin for a few days, and ... its fantastic. Zero spam since then. BTW to bypass captcha? Has always been easy thanks to sites + scripts like http://www.deathbycaptcha.com
  24. Response from invision support on my own question if it's possible to create RSS feeds from featured content: " Unfortunately there is no way in which to create RSS feeds by featured content at present time." Okay, bummer. That means there are basically two scenario's. Here's my take on it: use IPS4's built-in functionality which gives more control over what's gets pushed out to Facebook / Twitter. Specifically useful for featuring 'picked' content (both on-site as on to push out periodically to social media). Which also gives more control on using a different title, image, des
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