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PHP 5.6

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From the benchmarks i have seen, 5.4 have a big performance improvement over 5.3. 

5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 are almost equal in terms of performance.

5.7 will again have a big performance improvement over 5.6.


With that said, you should upgrade as soon as possible to 5.6.

Im using php 5.4 and i will upgrade once 5.7 reaches the stable branch,

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Thank you all for the feedback. And yes, my main concern is with a couple of ioncube-encoded hooks that I have... I will give it a try and will ask for help if I stumble on any roadblock.

​If you are not sure, upgrade instead to php 5.4. The performance is almost the same as 5.6.

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@ASTRAPI the reason for the upgrade is to improve overall performance and stay up-to-date, and not to solve the other issue I am discussing on the other topic.

Gabriel, someone from Invision Staff(i don't remember who) said that even IPS4 is not using any function from 5.5 or 5.6. Althought it will use functions not availably in 5.3.

That means you can upgrade to php 5.4 for compatibility. 5.6 only have a slightly performance improvement over 5.4.

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