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Suggestion: Number of topics in recent topics (sidebar hook)

Adriano Faria

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Hi there.

You should do just like you did when we want to change the number of Recent Status Updates: add it on core.php:

/* Non setting settings defaults.

* Do not edit here, edit them in your conf_global.php */

$_ipsPowerSettings = array( 'status_sidebar_show_x'			=> 5,

							'ipb_disable_group_psformat'	=> 0,

							'tags_max_truncated_len'		=> 35,

							'max_bbcodes_per_post'			=> 500,

							'postpage_contents'				=> '5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40',

							'topicpage_contents'			=> '5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40',

							'member_photo_crop'				=> 100,

							'posting_allow_rte'				=> 1, # Will look to redirect old editor methods to new and will remove this (legacy compatibility)

							'like_notifications_limit'		=> 1000,

							'actidx_override'				=> 0,

							'signature_line_length'			=> 200,

							'show_x_page_link'				=> 2


So, if you want to change the number of recent status updates, you just need to add $INFO['status_sidebar_show_x'] = 10; on conf_global.php.

I'm asking to add the number of topics in recent topics in that $_ipsPowerSettings array, so we'll only need to edit the conf_global.php to ajust the number.

Even better if we can add it on constants.php... Today we can't do it even if recent status updates.


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well the recent topics plug in has a 0-day exploit so like dont use it.

The version that was reported for that was for Board 3.1.x only, as far as I could tell. That board version is now old and EOL as of August 2012

After speaking to the author the file was removed although I'm not sure that was the cause, it seems unlikely given there was no 'input' on the public side of that hook, although I guess using a 31x file on a 34x board could have some odd effects.

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This is a constant annoyance for something so integral.

I've paid people to increase the number of topics in sidebar but everytime I update the board it switches back to the defaut 5 topics.

I upgraded today and again I'm back down to 5.

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