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  1. Hello does that mean that ipb has such an big security issue that we need a patch every week? Will the Update rotation stay like that? I have to rename and edit some stuff every time . I just ask as a client who have alot more effort now for the same price. It seems like everytime I turn on the forum I need to upgrade. It might have some reason I dont know?
    very friendly support and tho the chatbox is for free, it do the job very well.
  2. the 4.x upgrade process is a hell. Everything is mess.  how can you do that to your customers!!??

  3. thanks, that was very helpfull
  4. izy110

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    Does anyone know more about the issues of that app in combination with the villain- skin from ips focus?
  5. ​many thanks for watching right now, it works very well now
  6. does the image resizer not works? It shows all topics laying over each other, it looks pretty horrible! No matter what i setup in the Settings of that app seems to have no effect to how it shows on the board index. Pictures get shown much to big and nothing is sliding aswell. My Board version is 3.48. I would like to know how to make it look like on your screenshots. Like it its now totally waste of money many thanks http://www.chaosconsole.com/
  7. well i found it to, it was quiet hard and here is the exact way: Client Area/Purchases/YourCommunity/DOWNLOAD IPS Community Suite/ there you have to click on the Version of your Board wich you can see in a List. If you already have installed IPS then you only need to check the Calendar. Start the Download and you have the files.
  8. on any page in client area theres no calendar to download. it maybe different from what you purchased before but definitly its not on the place (anymore) where you wrote. Easy find hidden stuff with ctrl+A ctrl+F 'calendar' in the client-area result: 0 So it would be really nice to know where they hide the calendar because i would like to download it to
  9. i got it :) thanks for the help. :thumbsup:
  10. i installed the hook and posted a new topic, it not works for me on 3.4.6. The hook is enabled and the Forums wich shall get shown are set up to. it just wont work. * it works now :smile: good hook. but it not shows the replies to topics? only new topics get shown for me. Is it able to set a group who can see that links in the shoutbox? as everyone can click right now on the link in the shoutbox, if bad content get posted, its so easy to let it see everyone, bevor the staff can remove it. anyhoo i saw that other forums has modifiet the hook to show also the replies to a topic. i would like to know how to do that.
  11. sorry now im totally confused, in none of that files i can change my recent - topics list. Im on IPB 3.46 , can someone tell me where exact this file is and what i have to edit? Its really hard to find
  12. hi im on 3.46 now , my thanks hook is version 1.07 at the moment The issues i have: After thank to a topic the topic itself get shown again (double view) and only a refresh of page can fix that issue. thats annoying esp. in very long topics. The Thankerslist show no group-format-color. Now be4 i buy that i would like to know if that main-issues got fixt with this last version, would be awesome to know. thanks :smile:
  13. i have same problem. Well that i agree, its a function should definitly come with the board!
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