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File Name: News Ticker Pro (RSS)
File Submitter: Richey
File Submitted: 09 Apr 2012
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This Hook will install an easy to use RSS jQuery News Ticker on the top of your forums home.

The hook is compatible with RSS files from every IPB product (IPB Forum, IPB Blog, IPB Content).

For a demo visit: www.vfxboard.de/forum

Tutorial: https://vimeo.com/42146026

More features soon!

Click here to download this file

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can i ask, for curiosity, why exactly your demo loads Googles jQuery right there directly above the hook, instead of somewhere reasonable, like the document head?
(Note: I have no use for this mod, an IP.Content stock feed block template does this, and I just hook it out, so its really just a curious question :tongue: )
OH! nvm... viewed said video..... Manual input? :lol: ok... just NVM lol.

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@Sefket: It will be viewable everywhere in the next version (1.1.0). So I would recommend you to follow the file.
I am not sure if it's only running on IPB 3.3.x - I think it's also compatible with 3.1.x and 3.2.x but I am not sure!!! :unsure:

@Marcher Technologies: I'm very new to hooks. I have no idea how to place the jQuery code in the header.
How ever, it's irrelevant where (above) the jQuery code is placed. But may be you can tell me how to place it in
the header (I know that's more professional ;) )

PS: Sorry for my horrible english skills >_<

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Sent you a PM. How do we change the position of the ticker? I have a skin that places the categories in the left column. The ticker only appears as a small box above the categories in this skin. I would like it to be displayed across the top the same as the demo site. How do we move where it is displayed?

I also second the recommendation that we need the option of having more than one RSS feed.

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Hey guys,

sorry for my absence.

By now it's not possible to define more than one rss feed. BUT: I will release a new version this week so that you can define up to 5 RSS Feeds.
I will also add an option to change the position of the feed.

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