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  1. Is it possible to get rid of the "Last Cache" part above "Recent Posts" and "Hot Topics"? I don't want that showing to my visitors.
  2. I didn't mean it like that. I meant for the future, is it easy for people to hack through a website if you have an unsupported hook?
  3. I really want this. Is it fine if I install it even if its unsupported?
  4. I'm not sure what exactly some parts do - but when you make a post on Wordpress, the articles go on a certain section on your forums? And if someone clicks the article on the Wordpress website, does re-direct them to the topic on forums? Also, if someone comments on the article on Wordpress, the comment goes to the topic instead on forums? So basically the comment gets converted. If that's so, do the members get converted to a IPB Member and it gets added to the database? Please answer those. If I think what I think this does, I am so buying this.
  5. Sefket

    Embed Tweets

    As I posted on my other topic, I did this: " title="External link" rel="external nofollow">https://twitter.com/...210626232156161 And that's how the link shows. I use Firefox, Version 21.0 How am I supposed to paste this? :O
  6. Do people from here get added to it? http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/marketplace/custom_services.html I do converting, etc. Thank you!
  7. Is it possible to make it for Facebook to? I don't think a lot of people use email addresses for message boards. Twitter/Facebook would be awesome. If that can be done, I'll most likely purchase this.
  8. Alright. This also pops up once after a user registers and log in or it pops up each time they log in? Thank you!
  9. Does this use a lot of resources? I know with Ajax it usually uses a lot of resources. Thank you!
  10. It would be great if you can update it for 3.4.3
  11. Sefket

    [HQ] Mass PM

    Everything but managing Mass PM works: Fatal error: Call to undefined method classes_editor_composite::setLegacyMode() in /home/username/public_html/forums/acpname/applications_addon/other/masspm/modules_admin/core/main.php on line 44 I re-uploaded the files to.
  12. "tried demo of vbuleltin as first. Omg. After 5 minutes i logged off as admin from this nightmare and jumped to xenforo." I literally laughed at this lol. Glad you like IPB. I love IPB to. Been using it for a few years now.
  13. Hello, Can you add a button for where you're editing a members profile and you can add a "Reset Password" button and click it and it resets their password and it goes to their email? That would be awesome. Yes, I expect you guys to say they can click "Reset Password" to their email but this function sounds cool to.
  14. System Error [#1110] There was no XML file uploaded. Please try again.
  15. Sefket

    Embed Tweet

    It keeps giving me an error like... it just does: [tweet https://twitter.com/.811767018741] It works on some of my posts, on others it doesn't. Any reason why?
  16. Does this work for 3.3?
  17. It doesn't let me download the file. Any reason why?
  18. Thanks for answering my question MAtt. If we use the BETA, do we need to pay for it or can we get a discount if we pay for it?
  19. Wow, this sounds awesome. This works if you're on IPB 3.4? If so, Is it possible to put it in Client Area or it needs to be on the IPB Board?
  20. I really prefer for it to be a sidebarhook. Is this possible?
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