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  1. A Cart for Downloads - that would be nice!
  2. Finally it works. I've updated to 4.1.2. First there was no change, but then I removed the rights for editing posts, saved, and then I reactivated it and saved. After this it works fine now :)
  3. I have a similar problem, members can't edit their own posts even it is enabled in the acp. The edit button under the post is not visble for them. I use IPS 4.1. Hope someone can help
  4. Richey

    Videos Support

    Hi Mike, I just asked you for 4.1 compability on your profile page .... you can delete it I did not know that there was this support thread. Richey
  5. Hi Mike,

    is your Videos Addon 4.1 ready?

    Kind regards,

  6. Just want to let you know that it now works for me in the current version using {insert="..."}. Nice
  7. Hello Invision Power, currently I am working on a stock footage shop (based on Downloads and Commerce). If a user wants to buy multiple files, he/she has to checkout for each and every file. I really would like to have a Shopping Cart for Downloads, like we know it from the IP Commerce Store. Greets, MrJQuery.
  8. Same problem over here! (RC 2) The theme editor does not want to save when using {insert="..."}. {{ include( './my-php-file.php' ); }} works, but when I echo out something I get an error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ErrorException' with message 'Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by...
  9. Hey guys, I don't get it. How can I change the color of the "header" in IPS 4.0? It's easy with the wizard but I have to do it via "custom.css" because I want to set an image. header{ background:whatever; } does not work. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hey guys, I try to change the background of the header with the following code in the custom css: header:first-of-type{ background:url(http://www.my-website.com/themes/2/images/bg_header.jpg); height:250px } Now when I visit a forum, the background of the topic gets changed too. Even that I use the :first-of-type selector. What am I doing wrong. Or is there a better way of changing the header background? (In the style wizard I only can choose colors - no images). Thanks for your support!
  11. Good morning IP, I like the new navigation position right about the forum. Will that be the new standard, an option in the acp or is it just a theme modification by you? Greets, Richey.
  12. http://zend.ipsdevserver.com/ips4/login/ :) :) :)
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