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  1. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Any reason why it still says pending long after results have been entered? e.g.: http://www.footylounge.org/index.php?app=pickems&do=games&pid=4&wid=79
  2. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Any chance mate?
  3. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    When you get a chance mate do you know if it's possible to make a 'total leaderboard' which combines all the pools or is that getting a bit too complicated?
  4. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Any news about being able to change the module name mate? All looking good otherwise :smile:
  5. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Gave it 5 too :)
  6. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    There still seems to be a bug however, a couple actually. Firstly it always seems to set the deadline time to (hour):09 minutes, even when I had originally set it to (hour):00 minutes. I can go back and fix it manually but it's a bit tedious. Also when I first add my games to the said week, it seems to automatically assign the first team (as in the first alphabetically) to all of the away teams. It also jumbles up the teams in the same format as before (Game number:) 1, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 10. Again I can go back and change this manually. Also when we click on the 'Leaderboard' link on the right side of the pools/weeks it sends us to your own board (SECTalk). Once I make the manual adjustments though it's absolutely flawless as an application. My members love it. :smile:
  7. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Yes yes thats it! I've tried it with another pool and that seems to be the problem. We can't have a universal image for Ties can we?
  8. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I did change them a few times when I first set it up, but not before it was made available to the members, I'll ask the member about it today.
  9. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I'm quite sure what this is, but take a look at this pool: http://www.footylounge.org/index.php?app=pickems&do=games&pid=1&wid=1# And click the trend for the third one down and you'll see one Member for some reason picked a team out of the two choices..
  10. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Nevermind, found it. Works perfectly :smile: A member did raise a question though, is it possible to rename the Application when it comes up on our public forum? As in instead of 'Pick Em's' we'd like it to say 'Prediction League'. Is that possible?
  11. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Sorry to sound dim, but where can I find this template? Again, thanks for a fantastic application.
  12. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    All seems to be working fine at the moment. Just two things. First I think might be a bug, after I fill in all the games I find myself having to go back and editing them as the Application seems to make the first home team the home team for all of the games in that week. It also switches the ID number to the same order each time: 1, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 10. Apart from that glitch, everything is fantastic. Would it be possible to switch the Home team to the left and the Away team to the right though?
  13. Download: News Ticker Pro

    Becoming slightly concerned by the lack of support here...
  14. Download: News Ticker Pro

    The multiple feeds would be greatly appreciated.