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Spam Protection against gmail alias


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An ongoing spammer related issue is that the dots in a gmail address are ignored by the gmail server. In effect, the following addresses are all the same to gmail:

The spammers know about this, so all they do is move the dot around to fool IPB's spam filter. The solution is to add an option where the filter can be set to ignore the dots on gmail accounts.

Also, the spam reporting system should be updated to recognize this gmail issue too. That way we don't have to keep reporting the same offenders that slip through just because they moved the dot in their email address.

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Wow that was amazingly fast Charles. I have to say I'm highly impressed with the Spam Service. How many months has it been going, and I've only had to mark one user as "Spam User" that wasn't caught by the service. Amazing rates, thank you guys so much for this!

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