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  1. As much as I can see, the uLogin servie have added some tracking code to their authorisation backend. This have nothing to do with my hook, cause all it does is adding uLogin service to IP.Board using the API they provided. I'm neither owner, nor connected with uLogin in any way, and can't comment on why they did this, or is this safe or not to rely on this service. uLogin have "terms of service" on their site - http://ulogin.ru/rules.html - where they are stating the fact that they may collect statictic on usage. Installing this hook should probably mean acceptance of this policy. For clarify
  2. $INFO['sql_charset'] was added as a small workaround for those, who don't know how to configure their servers well. If you create your new database with default collation set as ut8_general_ci (for example), an if you push "default-character-set=utf8" to my.cnf - there will be no need in $INFO['sql_charset'] at all. And actually that's the only correct way to configure your MySQL as IP.Board to work with UTF-8. Triggering "SET NAMES" on each query - isn't. That's why it's hidden by default, to be used only by those, who is using cheap shared hosting and can't reconfigure their servers.
  3. File Name: uLogin for IPB 3.3.x File Submitter: Rainbow Dash File Submitted: 09 May 2012 File Category: Hooks and Plugins 3rd-party auth with a various social sites through famous Russian uLogin service: http://ulogin.ru/ Installing: - upload "admin" folder to server; - ACP > Tools & Settings > Log In Management > uLogin > Install; - import hook file. By installing this hook you aree with uLogin terms of serivce published here: http://ulogin.ru/rules.html Note: uLogin is tracking some statictic from your site with their widget, so you should use it on your own risk!
  4. File Name: Inline Image Uploader for IP.Board 3.x File Submitter: Aoyagi Ritsuka File Submitted: 20 Feb 2012 File Category: Hooks and Plugins External image uploader for CKEDitor in IPB 3.x. Extends IP.Board 3.x visual editor by adding additional "upload" tab to "Image" dialogue. Images are being uploaded and inserted into posts as "img" tag with direct link to uploaded image file. No access control, simple limitations. Perfrect solution for uploading inline illustrations. Check readme.txt for installation instructions. Not a modificatoin, cause no file edits are needed, but a more func
  5. Hi! Are you planing to release Thoreau and Thoreau Dark for 3.2? :)

    1. Ryan H.

      Ryan H.

      When I get the chance. At this point I'm waiting on 3.2.1.

  6. Как там успехи с 3.2? :3

    1. Mikhail


      Странно, я не видел этого сообщения пока сегодня не зашел в Ваш профиль ((
      Но Вы уже в курсе ))

  7. > still work > nothing working Funny :)
  8. Ok, I've found a problem in server configuration, so, the only one question left if is it safe to rely on md5() of creation date for forum pass? Looks like not safe for me, cause creation date is public listed value :)
  9. Actually, problem is somewere else, cause IPSCookie should automatically add prefixes, but... I still have loop with "Please wait while you are logged into this group\'s forum" message from here: if( ( IPSCookie::get( "ipbforumpass_".$group['g_forum'] ) != md5( '' . $group['g_start'] ) ) ){ IPSCookie::set( "ipbforumpass_".$group['g_forum'], md5( '' . $group['g_start'] ) ); header( 'refresh: 0; url=http://'. $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"].$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] ); $message = 'Please wait while you are logged into this group\'s forum.'; return $this->registry-
  10. group_forum_show hook doesn't respect Cookie settings, especially "cookie prefix", which leads to reloading loop. To reproduce - setup cookie prefix in ACP and then try to visit group's forum. Code that produces error: IPSCookie::set( "ipbforumpass_".$group['g_forum'], md5( '1' ) );
  11. And what about security? The main reason for swf to be blocked everywhere is security reasons.
  12. You're a newbie? Always check your distro's board first before spreading linux-related questions around random Internet forums: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=33277
  13. And what about this aliases? Are they fitlered too? example@gmail.com example+test@gmail.com example+test2@gmail.com example+anything@gmail.com
  14. I have been following you in Tracker (Gallery). You are good... :)

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