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  1. *SOLVED* Yesterday my host upgraded to mySQL 5.7, which included changing to the Barracuda file format (previously Antelope). So now the SQL commands were successfully executed and my "compact" database tables have been converted to "dynamic." So I'd like to report a happy ending to my adventure. A big Thank You to the forum members for the advice and providing the SQL commands to do it. - Thomas
  2. mySQL 5.6. It's a hosted server. Tech support says that mySQL will be upgraded to 5.7 in a few weeks. But they cautioned that what I want to do is probably not going to work; The account is on a shared server and changing to the Barracuda file format would probably require a global setting that would affect all shared users. But others have commented that they were told a similar story by their host. And yet they were still able to change to DYNAMIC row format. So I need advice on how to make this magic happen. - Thomas
  3. I'm not having any joy applying the DYNAMIC row conversion on my seven COMPACT tables. For example, when I execute this: ALTER TABLE ibf_core_follow_count_cache ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC; It reports my InnoDB file format is wrong. I get two warnings (and the row format remains in the compact mode): Warning: #1478 InnoDB: ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC requires innodb_file_format > Antelope. Warning: #1478 InnoDB: assuming ROW_FORMAT=COMPACT. So then I added these two statements to the my.cnf file on my paid hosting site: innodb_file_format=BARRACUDA innodb_large_prefix=1 Repeated the ALTER TABLE statement and still no joy. So I'm seeking advice on how to do the COMPACT to DYNAMIC row conversion on my tables. - Thomas
  4. I just installed V4.4.1 a few minutes ago. I dropped by to say that it fixes the problem. Before the update it reported over 300 guests. After the update it immediately dropped to about 30. - Thomas
  5. Thanks for sharing your online stats. Your numbers are much smaller than mine. I'm seeing hundreds of guest users. I agree it's not a major concern. But it's definitely a nuisance. On the bright side, it makes my forum look like a hotbed of activity with a lot of viewers. 🙂 BTW, I also observed another bug immediately after the V4.4.4 upgrade. A new user joined and his first post was made public without requiring a mandatory "first post" moderator approval. I cannot duplicate the problem so, this weird bug that sidestepped the first post approval is a mystery. - Thomas
  6. I have the same problem on V4.4.0 installed a few days ago: My forum is reporting huge Guest Online counts in the summary footer bar. Often several hundred guests, which is incorrect. But when I click See Full List the count is much smaller and believable. For example, right now I see 284 guests in the summary footer. But See Full List shows only 39 guests. This issue is persistent since installing the V4.4.0 update. BTW, I've installed the latest V4.4.0 patch that was reported in the system support area and also cleared cache. No joy. Anyone else notice this after installing the upgrade?
  7. My Hosting Control Panel reports it as a virus too. I hope it's a false positive. I suggest that IPS contact ClamAV and get it white-listed or perhaps change the code to prevent the false report.
  8. An ongoing spammer related issue is that the dots in a gmail address are ignored by the gmail server. In effect, the following addresses are all the same to gmail: johndoe@email.com john.doe@email.com john.d.o.e@email.com j.ohndoe@email.com joh.ndoe@email.com j.o.h.n.d.o.e.@email.com etc. The spammers know about this, so all they do is move the dot around to fool IPB's spam filter. The solution is to add an option where the filter can be set to ignore the dots on gmail accounts. Also, the spam reporting system should be updated to recognize this gmail issue too. That way we don't have to keep reporting the same offenders that slip through just because they moved the dot in their email address.
  9. I am using the "Get notified when a member is flagged for spamming" feature. However, it doesn't send me the email notification when the automated ISP Spam Service flags them. Any chance this feature could be added? For example, I am receiving email notifications for all New Registrations. Ideally, this same email could be used for the new feature. Such as something to the effect "You have received this email because a new user has completed their registration! However, they have been automatically banned as a spammer by the IPBoard Spam Service."
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