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Why can't I download my IP.Content ?!?

Adriano Faria

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I bought that (argh!!!) app and decided not to renew 'cause I really don't like it! And thanks to IPS license politics I can't throw it away, sell or give it to someone else!

Ok, I won't use it anyway! But I can't download it anymore ?!?


I don't care if IP.Content is on version 10000000000000000! I don't want support for it! I want to download the version that was the newest when I chose not to renew it! It's my right, since I bought it!

What now ?!? IPS steal licenses from those who doesn't renew them ? I can't donwload what I bought ? Even if it is not update ?!?

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If you aren't going to use it, why do you want to download it?

Because I bought it, Genius! It's my right, since the LICENSE IS MINE!

Should be able to download the version that was available in the day that my license expired! I don't want new version; I don't want support! I want what is mine!
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The license is not yours, nor is the software. The license grants you the ability to USE the software, you do not own it. I suggest you read the license agreement.

IP.Board License Terms

Both the IP.Board Standard and Business license terms give you access to upgrades to the software for the first six months of your license. After six months, [color="#4169e1"]if you choose not to renew at the prices listed, your software will continue to operate however you will lose access to upgrades and technical support[/color]. Note that, whenever possible, security patches are made available to all customers even if you choose not to renew your service.

If you choose to renew your Standard license after the first six months, the renewal includes upgrades and ticket support but excludes an extension to telephone support. If you require phone support on a Standard license past the 30 day introduction you can purchase an extension through our sales department or you may upgrade to the Business license.

Since the APPs don't have their own terms (at least I didn't find it), guess it works for all apps!


It tells me very clearly that I WILL LOSE ACCESS TO UPGRADES!

AGAIN: I don't want NEW VERSION; I don't want SUPPORT FOR IP.CONTENT! I want to be able to download the version which I payed for UNTIL the day it expired and I chose NOT to renew!

Anyway, I'm hoping anyone FROM IPS answer here.
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It's always been this way, Adriano, you don't get to download the software once your support license expires. You either have access to download the versions they have out there, or you don't, you don't get to download what would have been the most current version at the time your license expired because that info isn't tracked.

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I'm afraid we do not track your latest version at the time your license expires, so the only possibility (and the practice that has been in place forever basically) is that you lose access to any applications you do not renew.

Per the license agreement, you are free to continue using the latest version at the time your license expires, however we do not continue to provide access to that version through our client area. I would recommend in the future to make any appropriate backups of the software that you may need a copy of in the future. :)

I'm sorry you aren't satisfied with the answer provided. Feel free to submit a ticket ATTN: Management if you wish to discuss this with the management team.

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...(and the practice that has been in place forever basically)

The fact that IPS has been done this for a login time doesn't make it as correct or legitimate. It's wrong! IPS is stealing my right to download a software, even if outdated, that I paid for.

Because of this and thanks to the TERRIFIC IPS license politics I almost lost the sale of my licenses today!

Anyway, as I said, has sold everything.

Thanks Brandon. That's all... not a problem anymore; at least for me.
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Dear nosy, read again: [url="

What part of "I'm hoping anyone FROM IPS answer here." did you not understand ?

I don't see IPS STAFF, MANAGEMENT or something in your profile! :D

When I'll need the opinion of a MEMBER, I'll remember you, don't worry! Then I'll post in Community General Chat and you'll have your 15 minutes of fame! :huggles:

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Ok, well, I *am* part of IPS Staff, so please accept my answer. You purchase the right to use the software. You have full access to download the software while your license is active. When your license expires, you lose access to download the software.

This is very similar to most other software companies I've ever worked with, and I don't foresee this changing in the immediate future. You do have the ability to back up the software you download from us while your license is active, mind you, and backing up said software is in fact your responsibility. Just like it would be up to you to back up precious pictures you took on a cruise, or music you download from iTunes (who do not let you redownload songs you have purchased, by the way).

If you are unhappy or wish to discuss this further, as I previously said, please submit a ticket to the attention of management. I don't think keeping this topic open is going to benefit anyone, however, so I would request you continue this with the appropriate persons (management team).

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