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Skin Ordering


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Would be nice (maybe even if it has to wait for say 3.2) to be able to re-order skins either in the Skin Manager itself (drag and drop or even up / down arrows)

Perhaps even just an additional setting per skin to allow you to re-order them in the forum skin chooser drop down to your preference, I'd guess this way could be easier as you could set a display order the same way you can order custom profile fields.


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Now this is just me talking, not the official set-in-stone IPS stance on the issue, but I would be opposed to something like a 'display order' setting.

If it's just a number you can access when editing the skin, you wouldn't see what the other skins were set to in order to change it. And if it were on the main page that listed all templates, it would just be clunky to use to reorder them. I've done things like that before (think reordering forums in IP.Board 2.x) and it was just a pain when you wanted to move something higher in the list. You needed to choose its new position number in the dropdown and then move everything else down one in their dropdowns, and then save it and let that refresh. That's a really annoying way to do it.

I would like to have done a drag and drop interface, and I was even sitting down to start writing such an interface when I saw this topic, but the child skin thing makes that problematic. That page needs to display child skins in relation to their parents in order to be sure you are aware of the relationship, but you might not necessarily want to display them in that order in the dropdown on the board, right? Making a whole new 'set skin display order' interface seems like overkill to me too.

Personally, I think the best solution is to alphabetize the skins. That's what I've always done on my sites. But that's not a good solution for everyone.

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What about simplistic drag-n-drop? You can move the parents around into the order you want (and the children remain attached to their respective parents), but you can't make a parent into a child of another skin set (except by editing its settings). To re-order the child skins, to make that simple (programming wise at least), select the parent skin, click on an option "re-order child skins", and then a pop-up window, where only the child skins are shown, and you can juggle the order around.

I would love dearly to be able to juggle the order of the skins.

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