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  1. @Stuart Silvester, why the A1 steak sauce next to the computer..... That should be refrigerated ? 2017 27” iMac 5K 16GB Radeon Pro 580 8G HP Mediasmart server Netgear X10 R9000 router Cyber power Pure Sinewave UPS Multiple controllers for NES/SNES/N64 emulators
  2. The 100, Madam Secretary, Designated Survivor, Scorpion! Old series - Me and the wife began watching all of The Office from start to finish. Almost done!
  3. Look at the picture, you can add the posts as comments with a toggle.
  4. After using the search settings changing to all content (instead of current location only) you get a ton of results. The default is search titles and content, you can narrow the search to topics by choosing "Advanced Search" and changing to search in titles for a more focused search. Also giving access to option like time since posted or author. It seems to work pretty good for me. Try again using suggestions and I think you will be satisfied with the results listed.
  5. Gonna have to periodically change the images so the reactions get really confusing on previous posts ?
  6. But, what about the fact that you used -8700% of your storage? That doesn't bother you? Before you explained your problem that is what I thought you posted about.
  7. Did I miss the renewal promotion or is that in a few more days?
  8. When viewing from an iPad, the sections on the left take up too much space. If narrower, it would provide much more space to see the results on the right.
  9. You can already do that by making Primary group members, secondary group mod/admin. Then they still show up as a normal member, and not in the moderating team. On forum posts or in profile.
  10. Thats the problem, the already finished version 5.0, they put all their time in to that and fell behind on 4.0. I don't we are ready yet for what comes out in 5.0. Its compatable with the new apple iWatch, and Apple Glasses, and we don't know about those yet
  11. You have me all excited waiting on the gallery answer. Its one part of the software I haven't fallen in love with yet.... Just give me a couple days heads up, so I can renew, and have all that pay delay stuff finish, so that the second the download is available I can click the DOWNLOAD ME NOW!! button, (or better yet an update automatically button in the admin CP)
  12. I always change them to start on Monday. Starting the week on a Sunday seems odd. PS I look forward to this weeks blog(s) :) :)
  13. On software this expensive it shouldn't need to be the community making the basic documentation. The problem of not keeping the pdf documentation updated is simply unacceptable. The pdf should be just like most other pdf files with a table of contents by subject. Installation Forums Blogs Gallery Chat IP Content Downloads Admin CP Moderation Basic Skinning Basic Hook Creation And subsections for different areas including FAQ in each section. With minor updates you may need to make a couple changes. With major updates, screen shots changed, and descriptions of new features. Best practices
  14. Creating and maintaining a PDF version of documentation would be ideal. Possibly 3 different ones for ease of distribution. One for normal members, one for Administrators, and one for programmers/skinners/add-on creators. It sounds like a lot of work, but it would be a heck of a lot easier for the customer trying to navigate these forums and pages that are very scattered around and frequently outdated.
  15. I would love to be able to see the ability to import 10 games into a category, or be able in the install game screen have a check box and a drop down menu that chooses which category to install the games to. Installing 1700 games one by one, and then manually editing each one to select the category is a bit tedious. Love the look of the games in the view games screens, way nicer and smaller than the ibparcade having absolutely massive boxes to look at each game. Looks terrible on it, lovely on yours.
  16. It would be a nice feature to have an easy logo maker, similar to how the skin generator works. Type a site name, and maybe upload a small picture, to have a logo made. Thanks for your time. These two features could possibly be combined.
  17. Why is this documentation limited to developers? So Are there documents/guides I'm missing because I'm not a "developer"? What does it take to get access to this info? I don't release stuff to the community yet because I'm trying to learn it first. Awesome addition to the community!
  18. Wish we had good documentation in PDF format. Including how to skin and make minor changes. I can't load this site while my ship is out.

    1. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      Skim, I'll be focusing hard on updating and cleaning up all of our documentation for 3.2. Please feel free to drop me a PM with some feedback and ideas!

    2. SkimPappa


      Please at least think about making a PDF file :) Screen Shots, brief explanations about exactly what the option changes, and common configuration ideas, & security ideas. I would make one for members, one for moderators, one for admin. It would make things very easy that way.

  19. They have loads of documentation. Just not in a downloadable PDF format.
  20. Wish client center downloads made it easy to figure out when the patches have been integrated in the main download files. I would like to know I have the current file on my drive. Maybe a time Stamp? Or 3.1.3b changing after each patch integrated

  21. I absolutely love this, Thank you this is what I've been looking for :) I hope you get a bonus!
  22. So happy ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu/edubuntu 10.10 is out :) Much love for free software!

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    2. SkimPappa


      I was on duty (24hours at work) sheesh, give me a break :)

    3. Shadow82x
    4. Amy T

      Amy T

      I prefer absolute linux my self.

      I had a terrible time getting my graphics card to work on ubuntu.

  23. Hurray for keyboard arrow key navigation....
  24. So happy the gallery is finally getting updated!

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