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  1. Must be an issue. I'm sure @Mike John will address it.
  2. @Mike John Do you know why a form would submit as not approved and that it needs moderated? I have been submitting test forms as an admin and I keep getting the notification that my submission needs approved by a moderator. I'm not sure why this would be happening-- and I've checked all permissions.
  3. @Mike John Happy to test any code you have. Looking forward to it! Thanks again.
  4. @Mike John Thank you for this great update! Widgets are working great for me. Is it possible to pass a variable through a URL so that it shows up as filled in on the form when the page loads?
  5. Wonderful! Thank you very much. I look forward to this update.
  6. Thank you! I appreciate that very much.
  7. @Mike John I'm running version 1.2.0, and IPS v.4.2.7. I'm not seeing the Widget option in Block Manager.
  8. @Mike John I renewed this application. Thank you for your continued support and development. I am very excited to use the Widgets feature. That said, I am unable to see Forms appearing when using Block Manager. Are you able to please assist?
  9. Can’t wait for the update. Look forward to using widgets on my website.
  10. @Mike John Just did another fresh install of the forums and of Forms 4.2. Not getting widget capabilities. Screenshot attached. If you need access, let me know. Thanks!
  11. Hi! I am unable to see the "Forms" widget as well. Fresh install of both my forums and the Forms app. I was trying to place the built in contact form on the board index.
  12. Widget support on its way?
  13. Yeah, all I need is widget support. Then this app would be golden! It's odd linking users to a new page to fill out a form relating to a page I've already designed.
  14. Placement of form in other custom pages.
  15. Purchased. I'm excited to see the member group promotion. When that is added, I can activate Rules easily to work with this.
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