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  1. Looking sexy. You guys continue to amaze me.
  2. I'm all for it. There are mouths to feed and this theft has to stop. lol, didn't read the blog post did you?
  3. Bootstrap like data api :) Very cool.
  4. I'm more concerned that I've never heard of Google Gears :p
  5. One thing that has always bothered me that I'd like to get considered in the realm of IPS4 is documentation. I have one example and thats it. I recently got a new development server to Nginx. My live server consists of 1 wordpress blog, 1 xenforo site, 1 invision power board site. These were my Google searches to prep for the changes and their yielded results "wordpress nginx rules" - http://codex.wordpress.org/Nginx "xenforo nginx rules" - http://xenforo.com/help/friendly-urls/ "ipb nginx rules" - No official documentation. I know you don't support it, but its
  6. I don't know what everyone is getting up in arms about. I had IP.Downloads expire 5 days ago. IP. Board expired today, and IP. Content had been expired for a few months. I paid $50 and all of sudden all my products are on the same billing cycle. Now I just have to worry about 1 date every 6 months. This isn't complicated. Read the information you are given and stop making assumptions. IPS isn't cheating anyone nor doing any black magic. Their system makes sense. Read the website. Read the client area. It all makes sense if you just read it.
  7. Connor T

    4.0 - Forms

    Its gonna take me awhile to get used to all the everywhere, I'm used to the underscore like new IPS_Helper_Forms. O well, It'll grow on me.
  8. ^ try www.invisionpower.com Its back up now.
  9. I found a site w/ 1.5 million shouts. http://www.343industries.org/forum/shoutbox/ They really use it :p
  10. Do people even read the blog -_- *cough* FreeSpace, Expert Pixels
  11. Obviously IPS can't make money on Perpetual and whatever the other unlimited license was. They made them to make a bunch of money 8 years ago, probably when the company was still forming and needed a large sum of money. Now steady clients with steady payments = good. One time payments = bad. Just buy a real license. Holding something valid for this long is just mean to them. Why do you think they keep coming out with "active" license only software? Spam Service? Skin Designer? CDN? Its because those require month to month paying and using the business model of 1 time pay just won't work.
  12. yeeeeeeeeee. Sounds great. Love all the community enhancements. Bringing it all together.
  13. I'm just gonna chime in. This application no doubt is what caused Micheal to drop his free mods. Look back at these 120pages of posts. Literally every page has 1-5 posts by Micheal. He sat here day in and day out listening to 99% of the problems which were people simply not reading the OP or rules and being himself (too nice) answered ALL of you. Times have changed now. I plan on pushing code via Github and adding some features I've wanted. In no way is my code perfected at the level JLogica or Micheal's is, either way. We'll get this product rolling again (Not that Micheal didn't. I just ha
  14. There not a file hosting company. All those 10mb file uploads aren't needed. Use file hosting sites for that. If your database even nears 1GB, I assure you will learn by then that IPS hosting is not for you. No offense. EDIT: Nothing is wrong with IPS Hosting. Its great. You'll just outgrow it at some point :)
  15. I hope we can finally delete records from the ACP (the IP.SEO records). My search engine logs hit 66k rows in no time and I'm filled with 10MB of bloat.
  16. The same way you remove any other application tab. Go to the Applications page in ACP, edit it and tick "Hide Tab"
  17. Damn. Giving community eh? I get $1-$20 monthly in donations. Though completely different "types" of communities.
  18. Also, Don't "bump" your support requests. I have a little feeling you might be doing so.
  19. Not to mention he re-wrote the entire APP. It wasn't easy reading that old code structure and format :)
  20. Yeah its working fine now. I'll let you know about it in a few days. My dead little site could use some incentive to post.
  21. What do I got to loose. I bought it. Installing now.
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