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  1. PERFECT !!!! :thumbsup: And how many updates till v3.2 ? Another good option would be the option to publish an Outlook calendar so people would get the tasks from that calendar to their own calendars... :whistle: Thanks again for good news :D
  2. But... updates or a big change ? :whistle: It is a need to do a big change in the calendar so it can be used for something... now it is near useless... links with Google Calendar o Outlook... and lot more features like all of these message... Will it be really than after more than one year will it be possible ? :huggles: That would be FANTASTIC !!! :thumbsup:
  3. Hi Brian, Sorry for the delay... I did not see the question... If the server has few memory it gives problems to import the language, so it has been exported as parts, and you must import part by part... you import each pack and it will be ok... If you have more doubts, please ask them...
  4. Thanks Mark... I meant waiting for a reply from Charles ... :rolleyes: The email has been sent to him... ;)
  5. Thanks for the info... Waiting for a reply!
  6. Alright! And what should I do for being a partner of the spanish / latin world ?
  7. I thought that this was the only Official site from IPS... isn't it ? I'm asking because I've seen http://www.sosinvision.com In their logo they announces the following SOS Invision Parceira Oficial da IPS no Brasil and this last phrase using Google translator means official partner of the ips in Brazil Is this true ? Are there any more partners around de world ? What should be done for being partner ?
  8. I ask this for planning the increment possible in a few months... And a las one... I have seen some different Linux versions (Ubuntu, Centos...)... shich is better for IPB forums ???
  9. Perfect! lot of thanks for your answers... Now, I have understood the RAM in VPS and the IPs... But... 1.- If I have 10 forums and only 4 IPs can I use 1 IP for the heavy traffic, and 3 more for each IP with no problem ? 2.- How many RAM does an IPB forum need ? 3.- I will use Linux... as you say with 512 Mb. there would be enough ??? The used RAM depends on the simultaneous users ??? Thanks alot again! :thumbsup:
  10. Hi everybody! I'm upgrading to a VPS hosting and would like to know some info about VPS hosting that I don't know... I'll install 10 IPB forums with some add-ons aproximately... The busiest board I have in this moments is a 100.000 messages and 15.000 users with 50-100 simultaneously, the others are starting so the databases and traffic are small at this moment... I've seen RAM guaranteed and RAM burstable, which is the difference and in which of both is most important ? Another thing I have seen is the given Private IP Adresses... what advantage has an IP Address ??? what does this mean is it speed way, is this better for the google spiders ??? If the reccommended memory for a correct IPB working is 100 Mb. RAM, would I need 1Gb RAM for working 10 forums ??? or this doesn't work like this ??? I don't want your hosting name, I only need to know the info I'm asking for knowing what I must see for comparing my future hosting... :thumbsup: Thanks in advance for your help
  11. For example for giving support in other languages than English... Not everybody can read or write english and try to get support in their language, but obviously the support in their language is not a professional support, it is an amateur or hobby time support...
  12. But.... illegal where ???? because things that are illegal in the USA and European Union are legal in other countries... and illegal for the country of the owner or illegal for the country of the hosting ??? :whistle:
  13. I have seen several messages claiming for manuals... manuals for developer, introduction manuals, whole manual... Why don't you make a public poll to customers about the need of the manual ??? I'm with the leaders... I'm with Invision... and it is not logical that the leaders can't offer a manual to their customers... you must offer all needed in a software program to your customers, and a manual it is a need... Inline help is one kind of manual, but lots of customers continue preferring the classical PDF manual that should be printed or where you can make several searches... :rolleyes:
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