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  1. Wiki for IPB

    VaultWiki is building a version compatible with IPB [ : http://www.vaultwiki.org/milestones/8/
  2. I like it. I like it a lot [:

  3. migrated from vb to ipb, and lovin it - support is awesome btw [:

    1. bonesoul


      welcome abourt, i'm also an vb-convert..

    2. Invisiοnist
    3. Collin1000
  4. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev News: Twitter Integration

    friggin sweet
  5. IP.Content 1.2.0 on its way

    <3 IPS listens to their customers ;)
  6. IP.Blog 2.1.0 Development Update

  7. i'm gonna say it str8 out... community seo is soo friggin buggy.. and their support sucks.. really really really really really really badly.. sometimes i wished i was still with vb because vbseo was awesome, and so was their support and community.. now i'm just waiting for ips to finish furl'ing the rest of their apps, before i go live.
  8. "Recent Status Updates" is not ajax?

    ajax status updates linked to either twitter or facebook would be awesome!
  9. Where's the Community Suite!

    can i but it from this link? https://www.invisionpower.com/index.php?appcomponent=billing&module=order_wizard&section=order&type=packages&list=186 looks like the purchase link for the community suite
  10. Where's the Community Suite!

    Really? I thought only blog, gallery, and the board encompassed the suite. If ip.download does, as well... awesome! ;) /me patientlly hits Shift+refresh on the purchase page.
  11. I noticed that the converter for the "vb.blogs -> ip.blogs" is going to be a separate cost -how much (and where is it at? will it be available somewhere on the "client-only" access part of the site?)? Also, where's the Community Suite Purchase link? Since ip.board 3.0 is $129.99 will the Suite be reduced as well? How about including ip.downloads in with your Suite, at a discounted savings; if not, can additional add-ons, such at ip.downloads, or others, be added for discounted savings? If nothing's been arranged for the Community Suite package yet, can I then just buy ip.board now, and then add the rest later, and still save on the yearly renewals? TIA