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IPB Final Release?


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[quote name='edivad' date='16 June 2009 - 02:44 AM' timestamp='1245149061' post='1810618']
Lol you right. But my user would kill me if they read "RC"

In all reality why do your users care if the board is RC? Hide the build info and just have the license info showing, pretty simple fix for that :)

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[quote name='SamGranger' date='16 June 2009 - 06:29 AM' timestamp='1245148181' post='1810613']
Erm, I would of thought that an RC3 would be released with the bugfixes - and if no other bugs come in, it will turn into final.

Very important rule of programming: There is ALWAYS another bug.

Doesn't matter how long the product has been available and worked on, there is ALWAYS another bug to be fixed.

[quote name='Lee Craven' date='16 June 2009 - 06:34 AM' timestamp='1245148450' post='1810616']
Does it really matter rc3/final? The boards work well now, pretty much minor bugs! Release numbers are nothing special. As long as it's functional that's all that matters imo.

I personally think that there should be an RC3, with the number of bugs reported in RC2. But oh well. I already planned all along that when Final comes out, I will grab it, do test installs and test upgrades, so that when it comes time that I'll do the actual upgrade on the live board, it'll be a near perfect upgrade (referring to how I handle it). Also, I won't install Final for a few days, giving time for others to install and find remaining bugs that weren't uncovered by previous releases (and lack of a full audience), so that if there happens to be a major bug discovered, I can avoid it and just wait for v3.0.1 (and then repeat the process).

As Magneto said in X3, "In chess, the pawns go first."

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at this stage the big differece between rc and final is support. That's the only reason I'm waiting for the final realease.
And I will, just as Wolfie, wait a few days after the final has been released just in case a major bug crawls out of it's dark corner.

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Our intentions are to go to final after RC2. That is, unless something drastic happens between now and then.

The bugs being reported now are largely isolated issues, or minor issues. There are very very few "major" problems being reported now.

As Tom pointed out above, there is always 3.0.1, which we anticipate will be out pretty shortly after 3.0.0 to resolve issues reported in the final. There will always be bugs. We could release RC3, people *will* find bugs and we will fix them, and then what? Should we release an RC4? Say we did - same thing would happen. We'd forever be in RC stages if we don't take the plunge eventually.

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[quote name='Archon Neo' date='20 June 2009 - 04:38 PM' timestamp='1245530316' post='1811995']
The secret release date is June 29th 2012 12:54PM GMT-8.

[quote name='chasz' date='20 June 2009 - 05:11 PM' timestamp='1245532295' post='1812002']
vb4 ?? (w00t)

First, he mentioned 2012, not 2009.
Second, it'll be in the fall of 2013, not the summer of 2012.

this is for IPB 4

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