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  1. Lindy, you keep mentioning "Legacy" licenses rather than just perpetual ones. Does this mean that the IPS Community Suite a.k.a. "Legacy Bundle" is also going to be done away with? Because personally, I'd like to keep the two licenses that I have that allow me to renew IP.Board, IP.Gallery and IP.Blog for just the price of renewing IP.Board.
  2. My mistake, I thought you were implying that I didn't own any licenses. But you're actually wrong that it has no impact on me, from what I understand, my branding free license has increased in value. Good for me! But still, I can't help but feel sorry for people who were saving up to get branding free and then found that the price had just jumped through the roof. It really would be nice to have at least a little warning before prices increase, if I remember correctly that used to be the norm years ago... but then it kinda just seemed to stop...
  3. I own 3 IPB licenses and a branding free license, but apparently that doesn't matter since I haven't renewed them. I can't say that this really makes me want to renew them either.
  4. I thought that they already had a bad habit of increasing prices without any warning.
  5. My biggest complaint about XenForo is that "This member limits who may view their full profile." garbage. There's profile privacy (which for the most part I think is just a false sense of security) and then there's just plain bad software design - I wouldn't have issues with members being able to hide their D.O.B, profile comments and stuff like that, but once you start letting members prevent others from viewing their profile at all and replace it with an error screen... then you've clearly crossed a line... What I'm saying is this, certain portions of member profiles should ALWAYS be accessible to registered members, and those portions include forum related data, searching options and such. But I wouldn't have any issues with members limiting who can see their D.O.B, profile comments or limiting who can PM them. (So long as admin/staff PMs can't be ignored.)
  6. One of the best reasons I've heard is hosting companies purchasing copyright removal so they don't have a link to a competitor in their footer. Also some people think copyright removal makes a site look more professional and helps you to better brand your site. And last but not least, you can also get copyright removal just so you can brag about it and act like a snooty rich person.
  7. Is it too hard to read the very obvious rules at the top of each forum? And members with hundreds of posts should really know better, after all they've clearly been around long enough that they should know where and where not to ask for support.
  8. A lot of people hate some of their "friends" and/or think that they're just annoying. "Follow" would be far more accurate.
  9. They should also add an option to enable/disable Admin CP options. Really, if they change this (which I think they should) there shouldn't be an option to use icons. This is forum software advancing, icons aren't needed anymore, and to keep supporting icons would just cause things to advance slower.
  10. I believe it's just called "personal photo" in one place, everywhere else it's just called "photo"
  11. It's called a photo, it doesn't mean that you have to take that name literally and force people to only use a photo of themself. A lot of people use their avatar as their photo just because they don't want as pic of themselves in comments, blog entries, the sidebar, etc. You're risking losing a lot of potential members by having such a rule, and I don't think it's worth that risk. We have been suggesting this for a long time, but IPS hasn't done anything about it yet.
  12. How many forums actually have and enforce a rule that photos have to be a photo of yourself? I only know of a couple, so it's obviously not something that many people care about. And I know that I sure wouldn't want to be a member on any forum with that kind of rule.
  13. [quote name='McLaren1977' date='19 August 2010 - 06:10 PM'] Ware can i bay dis IP.Nexus?.... Can't find it.. Maybe you should try reading the whole blog entry.
  14. This was never a feature.
  15. [quote name='sergiu' date='15 August 2010 - 08:56 PM'] how funny :) a lot of peoples tried to meet a promotion of an unknown product :) sincerely I want to see a demo before to buy something even to pay. or the new trend is to pay to become beta tester ? It's been installed on this site since before the first pre-sale.
  16. Honestly, I think the banning system is one of the worst things about IPB. Moderators can't ban members and have them moved to a banned group, bans can't be set to expire and move the member back to their original group (although "suspensions" can), there are both bans and "suspensions" which just ends up making things way more confusing than they should be, and there's no obvious indication anywhere at all that a member is "suspended" which can easily lead to confusion about whether someone is banned or not. And the warning system, I think it's useless. It should be able to give bans and restrictions based on warning points, and it should log all warnings in an obvious place. I really think that this whole "just because vB has it doesn't mean IPB should have it" attitude is holding IPB back. Face it, vB does some things a lot better than IPB does, yet there seems to be this resistance to changing some features to be better just because it happens to be like how vB does it.
  17. Profile comments and status updates should be merged, that would fix this issue and it would make more sense than having multiple ways to comment while on a user's profile.
  18. In 3.0 it was IP.Board Lo-Fi, in 3.1 it's IP.Board Mobile.
  19. It already can, you select delete and then remove.
  20. That's what I've been suggesting this whole time.
  21. I don't think I've seen even one person say that they'd like to keep it the current way, why bother having a setting if no one's going to use it?
  22. [quote name='Gerry 5039' date='10 July 2010 - 11:05 PM'] Can you tell me if 3.1.2 is new features rather than bug fixes, as I would not use redirect or Archive conversations at all, and I do not want to keep bloating my board, with stuff we wont use. Can we get the bug fixes as a separate feature, without having to install all this. Would it not be a good idea to give people the choice, bug fix and or features. Rather than just one file with no choice. It's both, bug fixes and a few new features. And what makes you think that your users won't use the archive PMs feature?
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