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  1. Something else that might help: On a multi page topic you should probably add "Page #" to the title somewhere to distinguish pages from each other. Lastly (and this is just a personal preference) it would be nice if you had a page number in the url rather than "st". On page 2 you get "st_20", but given you know how many posts to display per page it would be easy to do the math of ((2 - 1) * 20) to figure out the st. Granted there's probably a little more involved, but it would look cleaner. Users could easily change the page number in the URL without doing the math themselves.
  2. I like the way it is now. I never liked the menu. I use fast reply / edit 99% of the time. With the full editor I NEVER use "Topic Summary". I almost never use "Post Options". The only reason for using the full editor at all is uploading files. So if possible it would be nice to eliminate the full editor all together and add upload to the fast editor. That would be cool.
  3. I figured something out that might help you. On the menu screen (when you select your file) if you press down on the Wii-mote it'll center the pointer from where you think should be center. If you're sitting really close it will be off, but you can fix it there.
  4. Oh, this is worse. In OoT you could choose to ignore Navi calling out to you. Fi literally jumps out of your sword infront of you and have to acknowledge the prompts. It's very rare where an optional alert will come up. I also don't feel the game was very well thought out as far as story goes. I mean, seriously I get the claw shots from completing the second trial, really? I should have had to complete a dungeon for that. The dragon scales and magic earrings in the first and third trails... ok, whatever... But an equip-able item in the second trial. The lack of consistency is a bit unnerving. I wine, but it's not a bad game. There are some things I just wish they didn't do.
  5. Well I've have played through what seems to be a majority of Skyward Sword... at least I've gotten the second flame, and I'm trying to get into the third place. I'm assuming there isn't much more after I get the third flame... At least from the menu screen it seems that way. I hope I'm wrong though. Game play wise, I really like the game. I would give it an "A rating". But there are some "additions" to the game that really ruin it, which in my book gives it a "C Rating": So if you overlook the two things above, this is a really awesome game. But with these things it has taken all the fun out of it. I can overlook such things as the harp is really a piss-poor excuse for an instrument (compared to Ocarina). But the top two things are just inexcusable. There are also a few seemingly un-polished parts of the game... for example at night someone is using the bathroom and Karina (the other girl) wants to take a bath. When you get the claw shots you find out the old guy is using it... but you can't do anything about it! Overall I feel that the game has a lot to offer and has a lot of improvements compared to Ocarina (put bomb flowers in bag!), but in a lot of ways totally misses the mark, which is unfortunate. What is really sad is it's not what's missing but rather what they added. It's like giving the hero everything they need in a TV show... kills the suspense. [*]Fi tells you everything. And this pisses me off. For example on the pirate ship there is a time shift stone on a mast in the middle of the boat. At some point you need to toggle this stone while inside the ship. You come to a room with a grate (you can see light on the floor) and she basically tells you "hey, you can see the stone from here and you can shoot it".... Really!? You couldn't let me figure that out on my own? If I couldn't figure that out, let me run around for a couple hours until I figure it out. When I do I will have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. If I really need help I can use a strategy guide. But no... Fi cheapens this game. And it's about 3/4 of the reason why I give this game a "C" instead of an "A". [*]Dowsing to the extreme. OK in certain situations it might be necessary, but mostly it's not. What really ticked me off is after getting the second flame it gives you more dowsing targets... which means I can now dowse for gratitude crystals and godess cubes... Thank you Nintendo for taking all the fun out of finding this stuff myself! Dowsing is semi useful for finding the silent realm locations... but a bunch of butterflies in a location that they weren't before is also an indicator, so that wasn't necessary either. The whole dowsing thing is the other 1/3 part that has ruined this game.
  6. This is quite scary: http://camelegg.com/product/N82E16822148609 I just hope it goes back down to that price at some point.
  7. Concessions? Hell no! If I had as much problems as some people have claimed to have with Apple products I wouldn't use them. Plain and simple. The fact is I very rarely have an issue with an Apple product. I've been on the Mac platform for 6 years, and I was on Windows for 10 years before that. I have through experience on both platforms. And so far Windows has always been the piece of faeces in my book. Windows 7, however, is a hell of a lot better. Microsoft really stepped up their game. The rest of the world? If you added all users together into one colossal mass, sure Windows would be a higher percentage. But in my world, which mostly consists of server administration and development, a higher percentage is Linux and Mac. And since both are UNIX based they work beautifully together. To me a Mac is just a glorified Linux box with Photoshop. And that's the main reason why I use Mac. It really depends on what and who you're working with. And developers not supporting both platforms is Apple's fault? There are other developers who provide similar programs. If you change platforms you can't expect to magically be able to use the same programs. And this is any program, game or not. It was cumbersome to you because you're so used to using Windows. You'll always graviate to what you're used to. Believe me I know! Switching to Mac wasn't an easy transition at first. But over time the Mac interface felt more natural, but this did NOT happen overnight. Half of it is finding alternate programs. How so? How did the OS "break more easily"? That seems very far fetched, especially since in order to break something you have to throw system files away, in which case you'd have to enter a password. The unix permissions system is very resilient. As far as hardware failure go, these happen on any platform. Having worked for a school, I can probably say these Macs were not new, no matter how good of condition they appeared to be in. Apple hasn't given computers away for free for a long time (that I'm aware of). Last time I've known this to happen was prior to OS X, or up to 10.1/2. And schools are notorious for having failing computers, no matter what the platform. Kids are notorious for breaking them. I know this because I had to fix them! A battery will usually last about 2-3 years. It really all depends on how much you use it, and when you start the charging cycle (which depends on the type of battery). There are things you can really do to really screw up your battery life. This isn't just Apple. The headphones are free. Go buy better ones. Apple's magic mouse is nice, but I prefer a Razer so I buy one of those. I prefer two buttons with high high resolution. The aluminum keyboard is nice, never had a problem... You mean Shift-3..? Isn't that ANY keyboard...? You can't upgrade Safari? You can't install Internet Explorer 9 on XP. Same difference. At some point an OS just won't support the latest software. You'll have to be satisfied with up to a certain number of patches before you have to upgrade the OS. Windows suffers from the same thing. Mac programs crash randomly and Windows programs don't? Ha! I've had Windows programs do this more than Mac programs. But again, this has more to do with the developer than it does Apple. If someone writes a program with memory leaks its bound to crash. Doesn't matter what platform! It's also work noting that most of the problems I had with windows were with the kernel space. Windows explorer would freeze or hang. The Mac OS X kernel is much more stable. I've had Finder hang a handful of times over the past 6 years whereas on Windows explorer would freeze on a daily basis. Solving the problem on Mac is a simple "relaunch" of Finder, whereas Windows required a reboot/reformat. But as I said, Windows 7 is a lot better than its predecessors in this area. I have a Windows 7 box at work for testing, and it works great! I can't stand XP/Vista. Third party program crashes can't really be blamed on Apple/Microsoft, but rather the developer of the program.
  8. Yep. Sorry I edited my post, probably after you hit "Quote". I have an obsession with heavily critique my posts even after I post them :).
  9. True, but I've had my Mac for a few years now and I don't have $2500 to blow on a Mac Pro. If I had good enough hardware on my Mac (which is usually the problem) and the game was also available on Mac OS X (another common problem) I could play the game just as good as Windows. The gaming problem on Mac is really two problems... Apple's all-in-one obsession (harder upgradability) and not all game vendors support both platforms. Not to say that the all-in-one thing doesn't work... because it does for everything else! But I really wish the price would come down on those Mac Pros! Valve and Blizzard games works quite well on the Mac. Was very happy to see Valve jump on the multi-platform bandwagon. Blizzards been doing it for a long time already.
  10. For the record MacBooks have removable batteries. The whole bottom comes off as one piece, making just about everything accessible. See this video, among many others. The iPhone 4/4S is even easier than the unibody MacBook. See this video. Now the older 3GS/3G iPhone's is harder, mainly because of the curved design, but it's not impossible. See this video. Now why would Apple go this route? Well the biggest reason is it's more efficient. The connectors are much more compact, and the connection is more solid and tight. Easily removable batteries loosely connect with the device. You may say that there's a profit motivation of people just buying a new phone... I wouldn't disagree! But the connectors are better. Some people say that if you do this you'll void your warranty... perhaps it's true with the iPhone (don't think it is with MacBook), but chances are if your battery is going bad you're out of warranty anyway. Really? Care to provide some examples? I'm typing on my six year old first gen MacBook and it works like a champ. Granted I've replaced the battery once, but it still works great! Has Snow Leopard on it. The only problem I've had with Apple products thus far was issues with upgrading from Tiger to Leopard (10.5.0) with my existing software. But admittedly, I should have waited for some patches to Leopard AND my software, which can be said for ANY OS upgrade. Lesson learned! ... Macs are expensive. There is no getting around that. But they work well. The only Mac that works great as a gaming rig is the Mac Pro because you can really upgrade the thing. If I had the money I would buy one. But I can buy a PC for half the cost and have a decent gaming rig. The iMacs only last as gaming machines for 6 months and then their hardware is not fit for the newer games. Contrast that with a gaming rig with a kick ass video card that will last me a few years. If you're a casual gamer you could probably get away with an iMac... but if you're really into games you're not going to get very far unless you can afford to spend at least $2500 on a Mac Pro (base model). Everything else, a Mac is awesome!
  11. There is, don't sit so close to the TV :D. I'm at least 5-6 ft back from the TV, probably more. There's also settings on the Wii for having the sensor bar above or below the TV.
  12. I think it uses the sensor bar to keep the remote calibrated, so if you're too close, that could be part of it. Try doing it farther back. I know that on the Wii Sports Resort sword game it would get out of calibration easily if you swing it too hard, and I remember it saying something about the sensor bar being responsible for keeping the tip of the sword center. If you go into the Wii's settings there is a screen that shows where the infrared lights are. There's also a setting to adjust the sensitivity. Also candles give off infrared light. So if you have a fireplace, that will mess everything up if its in the same room. I remember my nephew had his sensor bar run over with a vacuum and we used two candles as a sensor bar :smile:.
  13. Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble. It's odd because I haven't had any issues at all. Biggest issue I had was with the tight rope, and I figured out I was holding it wrong. If I recorded a quick video would that help perhaps? I never read the stone things in Ocarina, so I don't think you have to read them in this one either. I don't have a strategy guide. Decided to play it without one :). I'm in the lake currently. Such a blast!
  14. You could try unplugging the extender and re-connect it. You also don't have to violently shake it :). If you were going to buy a controller, today would have been it. Some places had them cheaper for black friday.
  15. You tilt to steer, you flick the front downward to gain altitude. When I say "flick" I mean like you're hitting a ball downward or something. The bird flaps to gain altitude so you're "flapping" the remote :). When you have enough altitude you glide, and you can use the feathers to burst a little. You use the portals on the rocks to rocket towards something faster. I may be imagining it, but if you get up as high as you can and tilt towards you can "dive bomb" towards something and I *think* that is a little faster. With the shield thing, I think it's because you have to push it out there at the right moment to fling it back. I was holding it out waiting for the projectile to come to me :)... like you did in Ocarina. When I had the wooden shield I couldn't get it to work.
  16. If he starts flapping by himself it means there is no air flow. When he's "flying" he's actually gliding. When that happens you have to gain altitude by flinging the controller's front downwards. While gliding push A and he'll push himself forward faster. It takes some getting used to, but I'm doing it perfectly now. The wooden shield doesn't help with those guys under the bushes. It just damages your shield. I think you need a metal one for that. You can upgrade your wooden one to make it stronger, but don't bother. There is a metal one next to the wooden one on the left... not sure when it appeared for me. But you'll want to sell your wooden shield (item check in place) as soon as the metal one becomes available. The wooden one is completely useless in the second temple (fire). If you waste upgrading it like I did, you may end up loosing it completely in the second dungeon. The metal one can get damaged, but not as easily. (Any shield completely broken is gone for good, so the purple potion helps a LOT). The guys under the bushes can be killed by hitting them with the slingshot (stun) and with the sword. 99% of the time, just avoid them and run past them. You get the slingshot after finding all the Kiwis. Btw when you get to the second dungeon you are going to LOVE to the new bomb bag. I won't spoil it, but it is freaking AWESOME compared to any other Zelda ever made. Instead of returning it just get another game with a Wii motion plus controller. Not sure which ones come with it though :). I have a red Wii, so I got one with my Wii, and I bought a black one separately.
  17. Sorry, been busy at work! Forgot to check the topic. Do you use the attachment on a regular Wii-mote? That might be the issue. I have a Wii motion plus controller (built in without attachment). So far I haven't had any issues, and I haven't had to recalibrate once. That may be the culprit. If you've played Wii Sports Resort the bird is just like the plane. The only difference is you flick the Wii-mote downward to gain altitude. If you're hovering just above the clouds you won't be able to do anything. When flying you want to keep the Wii-mote level and tilt in the direction you want to go. If you can get past the flying, once you're on the surface you'll be faced with some tight-rope challenges. This one got me at first because I never liked the tight rope game on Wii Sports. You want to hold the Wii-mote up like a joy-stick (up-right) and tilt left and right. When I first did it I had the Wii-mote level (flat) and was frustrated getting it to work... until my wife pointed out to me I was holding it wrong. I also find it helpful to stand up while playing, especially when you need to roll a bomb (like in bowling). I had difficulty doing this will laying down. So enough room infront of the tv definitely helps. Flying is also a little easier if not laying down. Another tip while flying is look for rocks with the "portals". It allows you to "rocket" twoards where you want to go. If you ignore those flying is a bit annoying (long) if where you want to go is across the map. So far the game has been really fun to play. I've been casually playing it, so I'm infront of the second temple (looking for 2 of the 5 key fragments). Was planning on blitzing it, but I ended up playing it casually. So far I'm not disappointed at all. It definitely has an Ocarina feel to it, which I am throughly enjoying. I don't think I've scratched the surface of this game yet (not that far).
  18. Zelda is pretty epic so far. Controls take some getting used to, but it's pretty awesome. Flying controls could be slightly better.
  19. No I mean remake the game with 3D models. Obviously they'd have to change a lot because you're going from a 2D world to a 3D world... but keep the same story, dark world and light world, same kind of bosses, same overworld layout, same themes, etc... It would be awesome if they did that.
  20. Link to the Past is a Super Nintendo game that was later ported to the Game Boy Advance. It's a 2D top-down game. What I would like to see is a completely new game like OoT/Skyward Sword with the Link to the Past story and dungeons (plus new stuff). I love OoT, but Skyward Sword doesn't have to be exactly like it to be just as good. It can be better it different ways. The biggest thing I'm looking forward to is the 1:1 motion controls. The 1 player sword fighting on Wii Sports Resort is awesome (despite its flaws). It actually got my blood pumping. Solving puzzels, I would argue, is probably the best aspect of a Zelda game. The overworld map on OoT was ok, but it wasn't great. From what I've read Skyward Sword blends the over-world with the dungeons, which I think will be ok. The 1:1 motion will definitely be a driving factor to Skyward Swords success. I believe the poor motion controls is Twilight Princess is one (of many) factors that made it not as successful.
  21. I think it would be totally awesome if they re-made Link to the Past in 3D :D.
  22. I have Skyward Sword pre-ordered. Can't wait to get it!
  23. Then why do they use the word expansion in the FAQ? Other questions in the FAQ also use the same wording.
  24. Loved that game! My all time favorite. The bird is awesome. My wife loves OoT. Trying to get her to play LthP.
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