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  1. Something else that might help: On a multi page topic you should probably add "Page #" to the title somewhere to distinguish pages from each other. Lastly (and this is just a personal preference) it would be nice if you had a page number in the url rather than "st". On page 2 you get "st_20", but given you know how many posts to display per page it would be easy to do the math of ((2 - 1) * 20) to figure out the st. Granted there's probably a little more involved, but it would look cleaner. Users could easily change the page number in the URL without doing the math themselves.
  2. I like the way it is now. I never liked the menu. I use fast reply / edit 99% of the time. With the full editor I NEVER use "Topic Summary". I almost never use "Post Options". The only reason for using the full editor at all is uploading files. So if possible it would be nice to eliminate the full editor all together and add upload to the fast editor. That would be cool.
  3. Had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday. They all grew in, so it was a regular extraction.

  4. Just want to clarify that using a remote avatar through a URL and the avatar gallery are two completely different things. Having a remote avatar to any URL is a security risk, but has nothing to do with the gallery. I personally don't like the gallery. I'd rather people be more original and upload their own avatar that fits them. With the gallery you'd see the same avatar being used a dozen times. Without the gallery you don't see that anymore.
  5. Signatures are not everywhere :). Avatars are. Board index, topic listing, etc... Signatures are only in posts. Those posts have to be viewed.
  6. Someone could put in a URL that isn't an image. That URL could redirect to an action on the board. Because the URL is loaded in an image tag, the most a user will see is an image that can't be loaded. This only works with requests that don't require POST but can use a simple GET (some ajax requests, as an example). The avatar is loaded on every topic the user posts in, and now pretty much on every page.
  7. There was good reason in removing it: It's a security risk. Images are small anyway. Most people just upload their avatars anyway, or use Gravitar.
  8. "By time period" is remembered and sticks when you go back to it later... But "Other" does not do this. Can we have this option remembered as well? I tend to want "Topics I participated in" which is (now) topics I started and/or replied in.
  9. Building a PC. Guy at store told me 32 bit programs can't be installed on Win7 64 bit. Bought it, installed it, later found out that's not true. Grrrrrrr!!!!

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    2. TheRevTastic


      Have any friends that have one?

    3. Luke


      Unfortunately not. All my friends have recovery partitions from Dell, etc... Or Pro. I have Home Premium.

    4. Junkyard129


      PM me. I have a MSDN Tech Net subscription and can provide you with an ISO.

  10. Never again will I allow/trust someone (my boss) who barely knows HTML to migrate email to a hosted exchange. It would have been much less painful if I had done it originally. "I'm going to copy an entire POP mailbox into an already oversized Exhange 2003 box!"... Wait, nooooooooooooo!!!

  11. Firefox's version numbering is now ridiculous. 5.0 looks more like 4.1. Loving Chrome a lot more. Don't really know or care about its version number.

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    2. .Ian


      use chrome as FF kept on crashing my laptop.

    3. Mat B

      Mat B

      You're using Chrome 12, if that helps understand why Firefox suddenly does 7 major releases with no visible changes per year.

    4. ♥ Adam ♠

      ♥ Adam ♠

      I'm already using Google Chrome 14 and Firefox 6 beta. They're both on a "fast path" release system. The version number is almost pointless as they do indeed look the same. It's what's under the hood...ie... Bug fixes that matters.

  12. I'm a bit irritated that entering a status update in the popup takes you to your profile (off the page you're on). I would much prefer it to send the status update on the background, and if on the board index update the status hook. A way to edit the status updates would also be a plus. I'd really like to be able simply correct stuff like changing "it's" to "its" where appropriate.
  13. This is a great first step. Would be even more awesome if this supported any skin with any CSS. On top of that being able to add manual CSS classes and see it happen would be cool as well. I'd like to see a feature to be able to "pop-out" the window into a separate child popup window.
  14. I completely agree with Matt on the points he's made. All things that were done is logical to me. I would like to make a note about the forum rules: People should be reading these rules when they register anyway. It really doesn't need to be a prominent link. Besides on most popular forums these rules are usually generic and forum-specific rules end up in a pinned topic ("Read Before Posting", etc...). Besides if it is that important to you edit the skin. Most good forums have their own custom skin anyway... I'm sure the navigation in most cases is customized anyway.
  15. This license key activation just hides the banner right? The board still works otherwise, you just have to put up with the banner? If so, why such strict restrictions on the -TESTINSTALL key? When doing mods I'll usually try to install it on a fresh throw away test board to make sure everything was included. Depending on what I'm working on I'll typically re-install my board fresh to make sure I'm starting with "factory defaults". I understand no IP.Spam or IP.Chat. Assuming the URL will never change in development is a bit odd, especially for those who do custom mods for other people. I might install my single test board on http://localhost/testboard but then decide later I want it to be http://testboard.dev/forum. As picky as I am I'm constantly refining and organizing my development environment. If you want to restrict something I'd much rather be limited on how many registered users there can be. Realistically there shouldn't be any more than 25. I'm assuming test upgrades wouldn't be affected by this (3.1 to 3.2)?
  16. Surprisingly not too many are replying to this though... which I'm surprised, especially with the amount of people who use VNC.
  17. True. I miss the bottom search box though :(.
  18. I also have a habit of setting up a DNS server on my LAN that sets up a fake .dev TLD. I usually will do something like sitename.dev or sitename.com.dev. Perhaps this could be a regular expression in a define() that can be changeable? ^(local[a-z]+|[0-9.]+|.*(?<=\.dev))(\:[0-9]+)?$
  19. It would be nice if when you used VNC it would remember what filter options you used last time. That way when I choose "Topics I participated in" it sticks the next time I use VNC.
  20. I guess what I'm looking for is a Spotlight-like feature to get to search as quickly as possible.
  21. I know this won't change. But I'm wondering if some people are having the same problem... Even after all this time that 3.0 and 3.1 has been out I STILL haven't gotten used to the global search box at the top right. For some reason I keep thinking there is a search box at the bottom of the topic index. Same thing on the tracker index listing. I guess this is because I tend to look at the first page first before doing a search... Not really sure. But I'm constantly having to remind myself where the search box is. Anyone else experience similar problems? Perhaps I'm just too stuck in my ways, more so on certain things than others. Don't get me wrong. I do like where the search box is now and I think it makes a lot of sense... But I keep forgetting there isn't a box under the index anymore. A suggestion I do have is make that search box easier to get to without having to scroll all the way up. Perhaps a keyboard shortcut that jumps you back to the top and sends focus to the box? Something that allows me to start searching when I have the impulse to search. On my Mac I can press Command+Space to activate Spotlight, for example.
  22. Software patents make me sick. http://lat.ms/lmrd6Q

  23. Firefox 4 seems sluggish over time. Still a memory hog. Chrome uses 1/3 of the memory on startup. Safari is about 1/2. Going to try Chrome for a while.

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    2. ᴡᴅツ


      chrome spies on you

    3. Amy T

      Amy T

      SO does IE who cares.

    4. Luke


      I love Firefox, I have 8 GB of RAM and half way through the day it starts acting weird. Takes 1 second to close a tab. Chrome is fast.

  24. So others can see it in the split second while you're scrambling to hide it? Great idea! I'm not sure if it's there now, but an option to at least hide it while posting would be nice. Also agree that I publish date would be awesome as well.
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