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  1. Can this application be accessed from the MCP or ACP only?
  2. Anyone know if the Author Panel badge is a custom plugin or unique to this theme?
    Careful, this plugin completely overwrote core parts of my theme. Luckily I had a backup. Would not recommend.
  3. Rust server is showing as Offline. Everything is configured properly. Anything specifically with Rust I need to know?
  4. Yes, how to disable logging in with Discord.
  5. Same issue as this guy. Also, can we see who's viewing at the bottom of the topic near the editor?
    Does not display the username of the people viewing inside the topic, which means you have to back out of the topic and then refresh the page to actually see whos viewing it. Would be nice if you could see this information at the bottom of the topic while you're typing a response.
  6. Is it possible to automatically fill a field with data from a member's profile? (ex. have a field called member id and populate it with {$member->member_id} from core_members)
  7. Thank you Morrigan & VaBeach_Guy, both are great suggestions but Morrigan's instruction is exactly what I was looking to do!
  8. Is it possible to display featured or pinned posts to all members in a specific forum even if "can see posts by other members" is un-ticked? For example, I want to have a post on how to appeal a ban and the requirements that should be met before posting an appeal. I don't want other members to see appeals inside unless they are Mod+ so I need a way they can view my thread with instructions but nothing else. Is this possible?
  9. Is there a live demo of this yet?
  10. Great app, but our community uses Steam login only. Unable to use this since you cannot disable Login with Discord. Sucks! Will check back later.
    BUYER BEWARE, this application should be taken offline. It doesn't work for Garry's Mod and gives the same error everyone is talking about below. Other applications like (GFL) Servers work flawlessly. The author has no contact information and no support channels. His website is offline.
  11. Issue resolved! Since this is a private development build and the background tasks were only set to run when users were online and doing stuff, I had to run the tasks manually. I did so by going to Dashboard in ACP and scrolling down a bit to “background tasks” and running them all manually. Cron job would be better for more advanced users but this worked for me. Thank you for the info!
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