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  1. Thanks Matt. I appreciate it adds more technical debt and I'm more than happy to see how it goes - it's an ongoing battle we have with an older community who are largely very resistant to change! I'll let you know if we continue to get complaints in a few weeks.
  2. We prevent all members from uploading images. Is it possible to prevent the use of GIPHY? In fairness we've not had an issue with GIPHY misuse so we've not looked into it.
  3. In fairness most users have said that they find this aspect useful, that they can scroll through a page. We've had a lot of mixed reaction though and I can understand both arguments. Unfortunately it makes it very difficult for us to provide a fix and considering that IPS are now by all accounts improving the user customisation for behaviours such as topics, it would be really useful to have the same to determine whether quotes are expanded or not - incorporating @Paul E. idea of a community default as well.
  4. Would it be possible to make the ability to post remote images a group permission in addition to a board-wide setting? We allow our users to post images but we've had a spate of incidents relating to new accounts being created and distasteful images being posted in threads. We don't ban the posting of remote images because this obviously limits what images can be posted at all. A compromise we've come to is that it would be good if we could restrict members with very low content counts from posting images. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be possible to do. We have a lot of traffic
  5. First of all, thanks for the ability to collapse quotes, it is very useful. However, since we rolled out the update, we've had a very mixed response, and it appears to be like marmite, with some users despising it and others loving it. Would it be possible to set the default action for quotes as to whether to expand or collapse them please? Much like preferences for opening topic links is customisable, so should the default action for quotes.
  6. Moderators don't have the ability to move members between groups. Also not all offences require a permanent ban. Some are suspended for a specific time period like a week etc. We don't move those people because trying to track each member's time period would be much more time consuming. With respect, I don't tell you how to moderate your community and you shouldn't tell others how to moderate theirs unless they ask for advice. What works for one community doesn't necessarily work for another. And to be frank, nobody asked for lectures on how to moderate their community so the comments
  7. Unfortunately not - moderators are instead editing the post that gets a user banned to say that the user has been banned for the particular post. It's not ideal but at least users are aware the user has been banned so they don't expect a reply anymore.
  8. To put on the record, I don't believe you're a moron at all. Re: GDPR - If you are intending to cater for EU citizens in any capacity, then GDPR has to be followed. It's the reason why I doubt that Invision are going to spend any time developing a way to place cookies on a user device - as I imagine their core userbase are communities that do need to abide by GDPR. I agree that IP addresses are a non-starter though. If you haven't already, take a look at the Mod CP and see if the tool there can assist. We use that tool in conjunction with requiring Admin CP approval - and if that is us
  9. I suspect they've added code in the textarea parts where the software allows you to, rather than in any template files. The same thing appears in the source code for this community too.
  10. As an administrator of a fairly rowdy old school community I can tell you that such a tool would not help as much as you think. 1. IP Addresses can be avoided by going through a VPN (Or simply using their mobile phone network). 2. Cookies can be deleted and under GDPR users have to accept cookies being placed on their computer which gives the game away a little. The way we approach it is that all new user accounts have to be validated by email address and approved by an administrator. There is a little tool in the Mod CP (which should be more widely publicised) that can let you see i
  11. We've had issues with this too. We migrated from PHPBB which had a true blocking system. I've found the implementation of IPB's ignore system lacking, really. When people look to ignore, they're looking to block them as they expect the feature to be similar to the blocking systems present on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, but also of other forums such as PHPBB. We've had various forum users on our community say that the ignore feature is bugged, when in actual fact it's the implementation that should be looked at because users are expecting it to work the same a
  12. Actually this is a good point. We often have users who for whatever reason, want their account suspending so they can focus on something else - a couple of decades ago it used to be members at university wanting to focus on exams, what we have now is usually members going on holiday who don't want to be able to access the forum while on holiday with their family 😂 It doesn't necessarily need to be a "banned" badge, just a badge to say they are unable to reply for a longer period than would be normal. Being able to customise the badges and when they are applied would be really useful and w
  13. You've basically hit the nail on the head - this is an old school forum that has existed for years and years where a certain style of moderation has been accepted by the community. I take the points on board with respect to moderation etc. - but believe me, moving the community from PHPBB to IPB was hard enough and required reassurances that the rules, moderation etc would remain the same. It turns out a community of 30-50 year old men really do not like any change! 😂 Lindy - How customisable are the little badges? I note that there are badges for new members and moderators, but if it'
  14. In fairness, I posted the topic because I felt the idea of a little badge that says when a user has been banned would be better suited for being in the native application rather than trying to work around it with plugins etc, but it's helpful 🙂 It would arguably be of more use than having a moderator badge when there are group names in the post 🙂
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