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  1. Hello, i can't find anything related to purchases for analytics or google ads, im not sure if its even exists or not, but it would be perfect if we track that events for optimize more google ads on conversions. it tracks, sign ups, other activities but 0 purchase events.
  2. Exactly but not persons i mean tickets in participants to be more flexible, instead provided date. Not instead but i would love to see both option, if il be true i will use mostly X amount participants option compared to date. Instead date it must be showing, prizes will be drawn at 1000 participants currently there is 955/1000 or smth
  3. Can you add minimum participants amount to raffle? Instead static time
  4. Check my custom request message, i need advancing it immediately
  5. i reported allready somewhere 😞 ok thanks
  6. damn... i hope they know about that. ok thanks.
  7. yes but you can hook HTML modify right? with ur plugin for bypass this default error
  8. please don't forget add decimal support
  9. why don't we add support for Raffle Balance its self? so each customer buys ticket and prize will be raffled on winners but balance USD or LTC or BTC or whatever to the winners? would be brilliant
  10. maybe if u add custom currency like LTC you can't? somehow i can't set to 0.00 for me must be greater here is my screenshot
  11. if you find any solution please let us know
  12. Hello, im running my community under crypto LTC, BTC, Doge so for example minimum payment values sometimes are 0.01 or sometimes even worse it must be more then 0 that without decimals like 1 2 and so on, no one can use that feature on BTC and LTC because 1 BTC you know how much it costs as well as LTC, please guide us how to extend decimals in commerce or include this feature in updates? im losing 50% of the features on community because of that.
  13. please let us donate decimal values, for example im using LTC so i must be able to donate 0.1 LTC or even worse, if someone uses BTC their minimum donation must be 1 BTC, wtf 😀
  14. can you make donation fee optional? im using LTC and 0.01 is minimum fee thats estimated 0.80$ taking that much fee from donation is lot so give us option for don't take donation fee please.
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