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  1. Bakako

    crankychips.- 42% off

    looks good and looking more updates
  2. Bakako

    Members Shop

    Champion! @TheJackal84
  3. Bakako

    Enhanced User Info Panel

    awesome and usefull as beautiful
  4. Bakako


    first id like to say, developer is really taking care about his products, have not tested new update but im pretty sure he fixed all issues as he found them. other products are really good. recommended by me.
    good one but needs update and more features otherwise its amazing! + if u integrate any sms system would be awesome
  5. Bakako

    BLACK FRIDAY ( %25 OFF ) Behemoth Theme

    this guy can make dreams to truth!
  6. Bakako

    (VN41) Surface Dark

    CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date
  7. Bakako

    Classifieds System

    too many bugs, example once u choose icon for sub category shoots bugs
  8. Bakako

    BLACK FRIDAY | 25% OFF | (SD) Game Keys Store

    awesome product thanks!
    dude im not sure if its working or not staff told me we cant acceess ftp s so just make simple installation please i bought ur product and cant use it il wait for ur update please, best regards just make app work without ftp upload