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    1. Veilon


      We respond as soon as we have the opportunity. We can't be here around the clock.

    2. Michael Gitkos

      Michael Gitkos

      Didn't expect you to. Whenever there's time.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I very well may have to do that. I've been using Fatcow the last few years.​ Any suggestions on a new host? ​I contacted them again, and they are telling me it's not possible since it's on a shared hosting account, and it's enabled server-side. If i wanted to with them, it would be $20 a month for a VPS.
  3. ​ I contacted my host, and they said I can disable mod_security through the .htaccess file. I asked what code I should add and they said I have to look it up on the internet, so not very helpful there. Anyways, I found this (below) and added it to the bottom of my website's htaccess , and the /forums directory .htaccess file. It didn't make a difference. <IfModule mod_security.c> SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPOST Off </IfModule>
  4. ​ This is EgoDogg. I guess I was signed in with an older account I never used. Sorry for the confusion / worry!
  5. ​I had the same problem as you. My solution was to go to the Admin CP > System > Advanced Configuration > Friendly URLs (Tab) Scroll to the bottom, there are two that end with "/forum/id-??.xml" & "/forum/id-??.xml". You can edit out the "/forum/" and it should work fine. That was what i did in order to avoid moving everything.
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