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  1. I rechecked and all themes have this behavior now... crap... !
  2. Hello, Now on 4.4 and updated your theme, but when I load the page...: The default theme has normal behavior. Thanks !
  3. This App hasn't worked properly for more than a year.
  4. Honestly stop waiting for an update.
  5. Hello, any news about a working, feature rich Discord plugin ? Thanks !
    2 stars for: great and promising plugin, but doesn't work on my board at the moment (missing Discord widget in the profile parameters). Hope this will fixed soon. Thanks !
  6. Hello and thanks !! I have a question: where can I change the forums read/unread icons ? Thank you !
  7. Of course it's not an advertising thread. But when a developper breaks his deadlines several times then goes silent once again since weeks, people should know that there are actual alternatives, that WORK, with updates DELIVERED. See you in september 2019 I guess @Ahmad E. ?
  8. OK so time to look at this other Discord plugin I guess.
  9. So I guess some issues are preventing the release as teased 2-3 weeks ago ?
  10. The author stated that he would renew everyone's license for free, as an excuse for the past year of inactivity... !
  11. So, are you still on track ? Can't wait to use this plugin ! 🙂
  12. Ok, so there is no way to allow access to the Discord server only to the board's registered members ? Cheers.
  13. Hello, A quick question: whats happens when a user joins the Discord channel without having registered on board before ?
  14. When it's released, see previous posts.
  15. Hey, thank you ! I hope that you won't have any issues using some code which was on sell a few months ago. Regarding your update, are all features working now ?
  16. Hello ! Looks nice ! One question: wich version of IPS is this app for ?
  17. Ok nice. I think that I can't access this topic since I'm not part of the "Clients" group.
  18. Hello, I don't have access to said topic. What is it about ? Thanks !
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