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  1. Thank you ! Will try this soon. Is the custom.css file to be modified here ?
  2. Hello ! Looks like there are some color issues. Is this due to the last forum update ? Thanks !
  3. Hello, Any news on this ? Or on how to add a category-like feature ? I don't even understand how this is not an option. Thanks ! 🙂
  4. Hello ! I'd like to know if you could consider to bring back the possibility to use 2 images for the read and unread state of the forums. Currently, only 1 image is used, which is either opaque or transparent to show the state of a forum. To be able to use the "classic" "unread image" + another "read image" would be great. Thanks !
  5. Hey @TAMAN Is it possible, using this theme, to set 2 different icons for the read/non read state of the forums ? Currently I can only use 1 picture and it will be "transparent" if read, and "opaque" if non read. I'd like to use 2 different pictures instead of one. Thank you !
  6. Hello ! When I post an event in a Calendar (with a Member level account) which necessitate an approval by the Moderators, the notification is still pushed in Discord. It should be pushed only when the event has been approved !
  7. Hello @opentype 🙂 I'm using Superhelp Listing and Superhelp Recorddisplay. I chose to sort my entries by alphabetical order. In a sub-category, they are correctly sorted: But on the main category, they are not: Do you know why ? Thanks.
  8. @TAMAN Here I am again 🙂 How can I apply transparency here too: Thanks !
  9. Okay, I'll remember the next time. Thank you !! 🙂
  10. No one knows ? Is this possible ? 🙂 Still waiting for some guidance, thanks !
  11. Still looking for a way to edit that footer ! I found how, a few months ago, but after reinstalled my board I can't remember how I did. Thanks !
  12. Hello ! I'd like to add some transparency to the grey footer bar, but I can't find where to edit this in the css files... Any hints ? 🙂 Thanks.
    Great plugin, thanks !! 🙂
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