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  1. Hello ! Last year I asked you how to add some transparency to the background color and stuff, you shared some custom.css additions and it worked wel: and But I recently saw that, using Chrome, it's not working anymore. The background image can't be seen, only the background color on the top of it. Have you heard of any changes in how Chrome works that may explain this ? I'm using your theme's last release. Thanks.
  2. Hello 🙂 I'd say go for Trophies & Medals !
  3. Thank you ! Will try this soon. Is the custom.css file to be modified here ?
  4. Hello ! Looks like there are some color issues. Is this due to the last forum update ? Thanks !
  5. Okay. Thank you 😁 Probably have to wait for the DNS to fully propagate.
  6. Thanks for your quick answer. Are you displaying the forum or the cpanel error page ? Thanks.
  7. Hello ! Last week, I changed my domain nameservers to different ones. A few hours ago, I switched back to what they were and here is what I get when I want to reach my forum: I haven't touched the forum's files. Any idea why ? Thank you !
  8. Hello, Any news on this ? Or on how to add a category-like feature ? I don't even understand how this is not an option. Thanks ! 🙂
  9. Hello ! I'd like to know if you could consider to bring back the possibility to use 2 images for the read and unread state of the forums. Currently, only 1 image is used, which is either opaque or transparent to show the state of a forum. To be able to use the "classic" "unread image" + another "read image" would be great. Thanks !
  10. Hey @TAMAN Is it possible, using this theme, to set 2 different icons for the read/non read state of the forums ? Currently I can only use 1 picture and it will be "transparent" if read, and "opaque" if non read. I'd like to use 2 different pictures instead of one. Thank you !
  11. Hello ! When I post an event in a Calendar (with a Member level account) which necessitate an approval by the Moderators, the notification is still pushed in Discord. It should be pushed only when the event has been approved !
  12. Hello @opentype 🙂 I'm using Superhelp Listing and Superhelp Recorddisplay. I chose to sort my entries by alphabetical order. In a sub-category, they are correctly sorted: But on the main category, they are not: Do you know why ? Thanks.
  13. @TAMAN Here I am again 🙂 How can I apply transparency here too: Thanks !
  14. Okay, I'll remember the next time. Thank you !! 🙂
  15. No one knows ? Is this possible ? 🙂 Still waiting for some guidance, thanks !
  16. Still looking for a way to edit that footer ! I found how, a few months ago, but after reinstalled my board I can't remember how I did. Thanks !
  17. Hello ! I'd like to add some transparency to the grey footer bar, but I can't find where to edit this in the css files... Any hints ? 🙂 Thanks.
    Great plugin, thanks !! 🙂
    That should be a native feature. Thanks !!
  18. https://github.com/ABSAhmad/IpsDiscordIntegration
  19. Great update and close support. Thanks !
    A great plugin. I've been waiting for it for sooo long and voilà, it's here ! You can buy it "eyes closed".
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