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    Sadly, I have to rate this 1 star, for now. It sounds like an exciting plugin, but since the price increase and the removal of the free version, for "better quality and support purposes" (or something like that)... no more updates. A so-called new version rewritten from the ground is on the work, but no news about this since september/october 2017. No one should buy it at the moment, just wait for an update with full 4.3 support or a concurrent plugin. Will rate this plugin 4-5 stars once it's fully functional.
  1. I really hope another Discord plugin will come out soon, since it's a very exciting feature to have.
  2. I'm waiting too and didn't renew my subscription. It's kinda sad that it's the only Discord integration plugin. It never worked perfectly for me and since I'll upgrade to 4.3 very soon I won't try to use it before the 4.3 support is live.
  3. Yeah, here is a screenshot ! I'm talking about the parts in red:
  4. Hello ! How can I add some transparency to the background of the forum's body ? In the ACP I can only configure colors but no transparency (or am I missing something ?) Thank you !
  5. Non topic related question: what is your forum's URL ? Thanks !
  6. There are already plugins to use Steam (identification + profile integration).
  7. I, personaly, spend time hammering my F5 button on your website, waiting for any new update about 4.3 !
  8. Yeah, they talked about a pre-release by the end of January.
  9. Thank you for this update ! Good to know the rebuild is still on track ! Will wait for it then. Keep up the good work.
  10. Yeah, same question. I'm studying the refund option since there is no signal since months... $60 for a non-supported plugin, it's kinda expensive.
  11. Yep it's the point of the application. But maybe you should wait a little, the author wrote about a rework of the plugin a few months ago and since then, nothing.
  12. Any news about the new version ?
  13. Sorry, trophies, not medals. Ok it's strange... I guess my board is broken, since I encounter some problems with other plugins.
  14. Hello ! Finally updated my plugin (from 1.0.12 to 1.3.0 IIRC) aaaand.... I have a question. I just edited the medals settings in order to set up de replacements. BUT... latest trophies don't replace early trophies, they are all still on the user postbit/profile. Do I have an other thing to do ? Thanks ! Edit: just wiped the cache, the issue is still here.
  15. What do you call a Donator ? The app will sync its username, group and ban (and avatar ?).
  16. Hello ! Doest it need IPB 4.2.x to run ? Thanks !
  17. Does the plugin on Github work flawlessly or not ? I've been stuck trying to log in my forum using Discord. Thanks !
  18. Hello ! The "review" button doesn't appear on the members profiles... do I need to edit my theme ? Thank you. Edit: nevermind, just deleted the cache !
  19. I hope so too... was ready to buy this app but held off seeing that the author was pretty absent. Waiting for some news from him !
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