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    Great addon. Insanely powerful, not sure why this is not in the core!
  1. @HeadStand Is it possible to make it so that multiple sets can be required? Switching to another deletes the choices you picked in the previous.
  2. My site is also having the same issue. Going to open a ticket.
  3. @fosters has been trying to fix it. Mine gets stuck at 0.11 though.
  4. @fosters As of the latest version of IPS and this application, background tasks for custom notifications get stuck on 0.11% when ever I send one out. I have to manually kill the background process in the database if I want any of the other regular processes queued up to go through.
  5. Mr. Monster


    @-RAW- We still can't exclude badges. Does a fix for that exist in this thread?
    Amazing application that should honestly be in the core. Thanks to @fosters for creating it. Works perfectly!
  6. Thanks for the information.
  7. That is what my gateways currently look like. Should I just try deleting Offline Payments?
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