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  1. Version 1.0.2


    This plugin will allow admins to test bulk mail (by sending to a single email address) before mass sending.
  2. I'm interested in the idea, I may release a plugin for it in MP soon.
  3. Again, There's a rule set that blocks your server IP from accessing udemy through cURL, What's hard about that?! I don't think so, There's nothing more than: php5+, cURL enabled + the server you're trying to access doesn't block cURL requests from your IP (Or doesn't block it at all like AMAZON that requires you to use their API). I sent you a message, please check it.
  4. Are you able to upgrade/install other plugins? if so, I'd recommend to open a ticket, if not I'd be glad to have a look.
  5. Thank you for your report... just fixed this in the new version: I'm sorry, I must have highlighted this in the plugin description... The plugin is not supporting AMAZON embed in the mean time. It's planned to be embedded in the future.
  6. No, the rule is set at the requested website
  7. I figured it, I tried a plain cURL HTTP request to the mentioned url and I got server response body as: error code: 1020 I don't actually know much about this error code, but if googled, it will return tens of results about cloudflare block rules: It looks that your server IP has been blacklisted on that web site via a custom firewall rule on cloudflare
  8. It works for me: You have to give it time to load... if still not working, please give me website access so that I can investigate the root cause.
  9. I'd like to apologize for anyone PMing me recently and I reply late.

    I'm having some tough restrictions in services (Including internet) due to lock down caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

    Stay safe! I hope all goes well!

  10. Version 1.0.4


    This plugin will allow you to automatically generate keywords meta tag based on topic title, first post or based on them both. This is a demo video for the plugin in action:
  11. Hi, Could you please give me a sample url with broken descriptive image? Hello, The plugin is basically used for embedding external URLs, the IPS system considers aa.bb.cc and bb.cc have the same base url, then both of them are internal URLs. I think, you would have better to open a support request with IPS to look into this. If you need any further assistance please let me know. Regards,
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will hide members of selected groups from profile visitors block in profile page.
  13. Ah yes will using that will only transfer over the essential data and database tables and none of the crap form add-ons themes and so on? Yes
  14. This would be great if it's implemented as a core system function.
  15. Thanks Adriano, I used own custom table template rather than core admin templates...
  16. I'm using the core admin tables: <div data-role="tablePagination" class='ipsSpacer_bottom'> {template="pagination" group="global" app="core" location="global" params="$table->baseUrl, $table->pages, $table->page, $table->limit"} </div>
  17. I'm trying to show 2 tables in the same page, everything goes fine except for the pagination part, table reloads without changing contents... Even I use different paginationKey and different sortKey for both tables, but pagination is broken, is it a bug? or am I missing something? Code: /* First Table */ $table_1 = new \IPS\Helpers\Table\Db('first_table', \IPS\Request::i()->url(), array() ); $table_1->include = array( 'col1', 'col2', 'col3'); $table_1->mainColumn = 'col1'; $table_1->parsers = array( 'col2' => function ($val, $row) { return \IPS\DateTime::ts($val); } ); $table_1->sortBy = $table_1->sortBy ?: 'col2'; $table_1->sortDirection = $table_1->sortDirection ?: 'desc'; $table_1->limit = 5; $table_1->rowsTemplate = array( \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'tables', 'core', 'admin' ), 'rows' ); $table_1->tableTemplate = array( \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'tables', 'core', 'admin' ), 'table' ); $table_1->paginationKey = 'firstTablePage'; $table_1->resortKey = 'firstTableResort'; /* Second Table */ $table_2 = new \IPS\Helpers\Table\Db('second_table', \IPS\Request::i()->url(), array() ); $table_2->include = array( 'col1', 'col2', 'col3'); $table_2->mainColumn = 'col1'; $table_2->parsers = array( 'col2' => function ($val, $row) { return \IPS\DateTime::ts($val); } ); $table_2->sortBy = $table_2->sortBy ?: 'col2'; $table_2->sortDirection = $table_2->sortDirection ? : 'desc'; $table_2->limit = 5; $table_2->rowsTemplate = array( \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'tables', 'core', 'admin' ), 'rows' ); $table_2->tableTemplate = array( \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'tables', 'core', 'admin' ), 'table' ); $table_2->paginationKey = 'secondTablePage'; $table_2->resortKey = 'secondTableResort'; return \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'tempGroup', 'temp' )->browse( (string) $table_1, (string) $table_2 );
  18. Version 1.0.2


    This plugin will allow moderators/Admin to see report message under post content for reported posts.
  19. Version 1.0.3


    This application will give admins/users the power to customize member display name apart from primary user group customization... Original app credits goes to "Shir Raanan", the original plugin developer for earlier 4.x versions. Thanks for @alexxis for sponsoring this app. App features: Admin has option to allow users to modify their display name. Admin can set 2 display name color modes (Free mode/Restricted mode). Admin can set list of selected colors in restricted font color mode. Admin can set list of sparkling background for display name. Admin can customize the name directly from ACP with full HTML formatting. App mainly depends on caches to avoid database querying every time. This app. is subject to improve and enhance according to your suggestions and reviews.
  20. Font size issue should be fixed now
  21. Aha, got it... Will fix it in a while... It should be fixed now, please try the new version and feedback
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