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  1. This is actually the content introduced by the OG meta tags from the website... So you can not show more than what the website offer.
  2. In: forums -> front -> topics -> topic Use this: {{if count( $comments ) > 1 }} Show Ad. {{endif}}
  3. I've recently found a free API tool that identifies images automatically, https://www.moderatecontent.com I was thinking about using it in a plugin.
  4. Now, it's set per image, per album->planned. Set/Unset option is a per image option, the one who have this option to (Set/Unset) NSFW is author+admin group. The logged-in user can uncover photo (Red button) during his seesion, once session expired it got recovered for him/her. This is not planned as it's away from plugin scope.
  5. Hey; Sorry for being that late... The progress so far for the plugin development: Set NSFW: Unset NSFW: P.S, the image caching option [caching the blurred photo rather than the original photo] is not considered in this plugin, I'm not thinking about it right now. I'd like to know your feedback; Regards; Ahmed
  6. According to my plan, it's assumed to be completed within 7 ~ 10 days.
  7. The search feature is totally not working!
  8. Aha, got it.. I'll have a look at this tonight
  9. The user can wrap the photo inside a spoiler? Isn't this enough?
  10. I think he is referring to the image host (url)
  11. Version 1.6


    ProVision Theme from @A Zayed an IPS Theme with Different Taste. Its supports all IPS addons [RTL support not completed yet] Attached, a plugin file that will change the default gallery landing page to be in a similar a different look 🤙 . Hope you enjoy it... 🙂
  12. Version 1.1.7


    Login/Logout/Signup Redirect & Pop-up Messages by @A Zayed A simple plugin that allows admins to set the page that selected users groups will be redirected to once they Login, logout or a new user registers. There's also another option that allows admins to set a pop-up modal message once users Login, logout or register. The plugin comes with the following features: Select users groups you want to redirect/show pop-up message. URL field for user redirection. Option to allow redirection to the logging user profile. Option to enable/disable popup message. Message header title. Full CKE to enter the message that user will get. Pop-up modal message size. Pop-message button text. Pop-message button URL. Support & updates are guaranteed only via @A Zayed
  13. Does this happen with all posted urls? If not, Please PM me with the url that can not be embedded.
  14. Fixed, allow_url_fopen function must be enabled
  15. For better support, I'd like to access your ACP, I'd like to confirm that your server allows the usage of specific functions... If possible, please PM me with the login details. Regards;
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