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  1. I couldn't reproduce this bug at any of my machines (Windows7, Windows10... FF & Chrome). Could you please share a website url that have this issue, also please mention what browser and what OS are you using.
  2. Version 1.0.4


    This plugin will allow quick search pop up menu to pop up when user clicks search icon in mobile view... Plugin demo:
  3. Well, I'm currently working on a custom app for content maturity rating... The initial release will have maturity rating for forums topics/posts. I'll post it in the MP once finished (No ETA). I'm planning to extend it to cover more areas like gallery, status updates, blogs...
  4. I'm really amazed! Why IPS did this difference?! I never expected this. As a quick fix - for my very specific case that I have to use integer values as option keys - I made a hook to replace this template contents. HOOK FILE: public static function hookData() { return parent::hookData(); } public function select( $name, $value, $required, $options, $multiple=FALSE, $class='', $disabled=FALSE, $toggles=array(), $id=NULL, $unlimited=NULL, $unlimitedLang='all', $unlimitedToggles=array(), $toggleOn=TRUE, $userSuppliedInput='', $sort=FALSE ) { $output = \IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'misc', 'myApp', 'front' )->mcSelect( $name, $value, $required, $options, $multiple, $class, $disabled, $toggles, $id, $unlimited, $unlimitedLang, $unlimitedToggles, $toggleOn, $userSuppliedInput, $sort ); return $output; } TEMPLATE FILE: <ips:template parameters="$name, $value, $required, $options, $multiple=FALSE, $class='', $disabled=FALSE, $toggles=array(), $id=NULL, $unlimited=NULL, $unlimitedLang='all', $unlimitedToggles=array(), $toggleOn=TRUE, $userSuppliedInput='', $sort=FALSE" /> {{if $multiple}} <input type="hidden" name="{$name}" value="__EMPTY"> {{endif}} <select name="{$name}" class="{$class}" {{if $multiple}}multiple{{endif}} {{if $required === TRUE}}required aria-required='true'{{endif}} {{if $disabled === TRUE}}disabled aria-disabled='true'{{endif}} {{if $id !== NULL}}id="elSelect_{$id}"{{endif}} {{if $sort}}data-sort{{endif}}> {{foreach $options as $k => $v}} {{if \is_array( $v )}} <optgroup label="{lang="$k"}"> {{foreach $v as $_k => $_v}} <option value='{$_k}' {{if ( ( $value === 0 and $_k === 0 ) or ( $value !== 0 and $value === $_k ) ) or ( \is_array( $value ) and \in_array( $_k, $value ) )}}selected{{endif}} {{if isset( $toggles[ $_k ] )}}data-control="toggle" data-toggles="{expression="implode( ',', $toggles[ $_k ] )"}" aria-controls="{expression="implode( ',', $toggles[ $_k ] )"}"{{endif}}>{$_v|raw}</option> {{endforeach}} </optgroup> {{else}} <option value='{$k}' {{if ( ( $value === 0 and $k === 0 ) or ( $value !== 0 and $value === $k ) or ( $value !== 0 and \is_numeric( $value ) and \is_numeric( $k ) and $value == $k )) or ( \is_array( $value ) and \in_array( $k, $value ) )}}selected{{endif}} {{if \is_array( $disabled ) and \in_array( $k, $disabled )}}disabled{{endif}} {{if isset( $toggles[ $k ] )}}data-control="toggle" data-toggles="{expression="implode( ',', $toggles[ $k ] )"}"{{endif}}>{$v|raw}</option> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </select> {{if $unlimited !== NULL}} <br><br> {lang="or"} &nbsp; <span class='ipsCustomInput'> <input type="checkbox" data-control="unlimited{{if \count($unlimitedToggles)}} toggle{{endif}}" name="{expression="trim( $name, '[]' )"}_unlimited" id='{expression="trim( $id ?: $name, '[]' )"}_unlimited' value="{$unlimited}" {{if $unlimited === $value}}checked aria-checked='true'{{endif}} {{if $disabled === TRUE}}disabled aria-disabled='true'{{endif}} {{if \count( $unlimitedToggles )}}{{if $toggleOn === FALSE}}data-togglesOff{{else}}data-togglesOn{{endif}}="{expression="implode( ',', $unlimitedToggles )"}" aria-controls="{expression="implode( ',', $unlimitedToggles )"}"{{endif}} aria-labelledby='{expression="trim( $id ?: $name, '[]' )"}_unlimited_label'> <span></span> </span> <label for='{expression="trim( $id ?: $name, '[]' )"}_unlimited' id='{expression="trim( $id ?: $name, '[]' )"}_unlimited_label' class='ipsField_unlimited'>{lang="$unlimitedLang"}</label> {{endif}} Hint: this is not a public app, I'm using it for my own dev. purposes.
  5. Could you try it without $form->error and without redirect after form submit
  6. I'm having the same issue with 4.4.6 as well, with select field also, whatever value you select - Or even not select - unset the default value after form submit.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will allow you adding any custom header name with custom value. This will help you set your own desired headers for any purposes...
  8. What's New in Version 1.4.7 Released Just now Performance Improvement: Removed gzipChecker function that may cause some issues with some urls in some servers. Content encoding is already handled by the IPS\Url
  9. Version 1.0.2


    This is a very simple plugin to remove empty <p> tags in forums posts, it'll convert posts look to compact view.
  10. Everything is going fine here... Looks like a server side problem, I can gladly support to find out what's wrong in there...
  11. Sorry, I couldn't reproduce this on my server: Please send the url you're trying to embed.
  12. Could you please check that option in your ACP, it seems you don't allow posting remote images, in this case, the images from remote urls will not show up
  13. What's new in version 1.4.6: Performance Improvement: Started using IPS\Http\Url that depends on Server Settings and IPS configuration will either use CURL or a Socket Connection as fallback instead of forced native CURL. This is mainly released to improve performance of the plugin by making it flexible to work according to server configuration after the recent bug report by @Nebthtet
  14. I can't reproduce this issue with the latest IPS version, If possible, please PM me with login details for ACP so that I can find the reason, may be some ACP setting is causing this.
  15. Well, I'm just back after vacation... Do you have a screenshot for the issue of image size? basically it should take the same dimensions of event cover, Just confirmed this on my localhost as well
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple plugin that will restrict certain user groups from viewing other user groups profiles, this include profile page and hover card.
  17. I've had similar situation in a friend's website converting from XF2.1 to IPS4... The problem was that the current converter doesn't support XF version yet, So, I've had 2 options... 1- modify IPS converter code to check for this line code and replace with the correct one (Requires reconvert). 2- Develop a plugin with a task for the same purpose after conversion then rebuilding.
  18. It's a plugin option that you can allow restricted groups to reply or not.
  19. An app is now being developed: If interested, please PM me
  20. oEmbed service is not supported by eBay, You can use this one as alternative: I can assure that it suppprts eBay embedding
  21. Well, in this case I'd ask for ACP login so that I'd investigate further... please PM me with ACP admin account.
  22. Already support eBay, but didn't check Amazon yet... I can't reproduce this on my local server, Also checked the same url on my server and it works: Do you have this issue with specific urls? or all urls? Can you double check one more time for the same url and feedback?
  23. What's New in Version 1.4.5 Released 1 minute ago Bug Fix, related to conflict with other plugins/apps that use the same hook area.
  24. Just tested the plugin with version 4.4.4 and issues detected. According to the change log, the hook area not touched in this version. I've to check if they support oEmbed, if not I'l try to find another work around.
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