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  1. I think you may have misunderstood. I know what users in a certain group see when they log in. I just want to be able to change what that is, so they're seeing something they have access to rather than a restricted area they don't have permissions to view.
  2. I have different groups which allow/restrict access to different parts of my community. Is there any way to set what a member will first see when they log in, based on what group they're in? For example, if I set my default application to the forum, but one group doesn't have access to the forum, they log in and the first thing they see is an error message telling them they can't access this page. Is there a way to have that group see something else by default that they do have access to? Even being able to set the default application to Pages and then choosing a different page for each group would be perfectly fine, but I don't think it's possible. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Is there any way to list a content item in more than one subcategory of a database? For example, if I have a database with a category that is comprised of Subcategory 1, Subcategory 2, Subcategory 3, and Subcategory 4, and I'm posting an article to this database that's relevant to Subcategory 2 and Subcategory 4, how can I have that article listed in both subcategories? And if this isn't possible, is there any other way to achieve something similar? Thanks.
    Works perfectly! Thanks for making this plugin available.
  4. Finally got a chance to install this today and it works perfectly. Thank you again @Adriano Faria!
  5. My community uses messages quite a bit, and sometimes I want to read a message right away but reply later on. It would great if I could mark a message as unread in this scenario so I remember to get back to it after. Just like with email, basically.
  6. cpinc


    But seriously, Invision + Zapier would be amazing.
  7. I needed a customization for Mike's "Forms" application, and he got it done exactly how I wanted it, as quickly as I needed it, and for a price that was surprisingly affordable. I definitely plan to work with him again in the future.
  8. Just bought/installed this plugin and it's excellent out of the box! One small tweak I'd like to make if it's possible... in the 'record' view, the container with the author/date and the content itself is aligned to the right. Is there a way for me to align this whole container to the center instead? Thanks!
  9. cpinc

    Forms Support

    Awesome, thank you! Just had one other question: when sending the form as a PM to multiple people, is there a way to have it do this as one conversation instead of a separate PM going to each person?
  10. cpinc

    Forms Support

    Ah, I see. It's cool, no rush. I'll just wait for the next update. Thanks though. Perfect!
  11. Ah, that's pretty useful. Thanks for pointing it out.
  12. cpinc

    Forms Support

    Hey @Mike John, I just start using this plugin, and it's great. Exactly what I needed. I just had three questions... I was wondering why the Radio field can't be made required? Also with the Radio field, I'd love to be able to use it to toggle other fields, but it doesn't seem to work. I've tested this functionality with the Yes/No field and the Select Box field and it works perfectly, but not with Radio. I see the form can be sent as a PM, email, or topic. Any chance of making it able to send as a support request in a future update? Thanks!
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