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Entry Comments posted by simonle

  1. 1 hour ago, IP15.5 said:

    Exciting improvements! :thumbsup:

    One additional possible blog improvement to put out there and suggest is on the main blog page with the loading behavior. When a reader browses to the main blog page, instead of loading a preview of each blog post the system appears to fully load every single post, then "hides" the full content from view. This is very slow and takes a long time - for instance if you have 5 images in each blog post and 10 blog posts on a page, the browser is loading 50 images at once. In addition to speed I'm sure this isn't the best for SEO. 

    Yes this, please! This also happens in the Activity stream which is really annoying, especially when it bugs out and doesn't hide the full post...

  2. 17 hours ago, Joy Rex said:

    Wow... never realized that the official IPS blog was actually Pages. I think he has a valid point here, design opinions notwithstanding.

    Any reason why Pages is used instead of Blogs? Surely there's nothing so highly custom that Blogs couldn't handle it, no?


    Well, for one thing, the blog add-on doesn't support categories(!), which IPS use here.

  3. Quote

    If you submit multiple images to an album, you will only see the album listed in activity streams, and similarly if you follow a bunch of images in an album these are grouped as well, making activity streams more useful and easier to follow.

    Yes, finally! Here's hoping that 4.2 will deliver further improvements to the activity stream. ^_^

  4. Quote

    The easiest option is to make every page on your IPS Community Suite use a secure connection. To do this you would need to ensure your web host has HTTPS support enabled on your site and then simply edit conf_global.php and change the URL field to https:// and that's it.

    How long does it take for these changes to take effect? Because I've done all this but the https:// URL only works when I manually type it in for a page, it disappears and goes back to the old http:// URL when I browse to another page on my website.

    Edit: I've created a support ticket for this (see #973199)

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