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  1. RecruitingInfo.com A site about college recruiting for athletes. Just added video content. Starting to try to get attention to it.
  2. Is there a way to select how many videos are included in the "latest videos" section? And in a related question, can I select videos to be featured, or are they always based on most recently added?
  3. I’m all set now SC36DC, thanks for your guidance!
  4. I’ll do that .... thanks!! Pat
  5. I would like to have a page where the videos live, and then a way to preview a handful of them on the main page of the site. I’m pretty inept at this, so could use very basic instructions. Thus far other than installing the plugin I’ve done nothing. Pat
  6. Does anybody know where I can find basic guidance on integrating the Videos plugin into my site? I’ve purchased and installed the plugin, but am not sure what to do next. The company has been completely non-responsive to my multiple requests for assistance.
  7. Wow, thank you for the detailed and perfect guidance! I've created a sub-forum and have put about half of the (smallest) sports in there. Looks much cleaner now. I may put even more in the sub forum, but this is a start. Really appreciate the help.
  8. OK, I'm going to take this advice and create a subboard for less popular sports (fencing, rifle, and so forth), while leaving just the more popular sports as primary boards. So the question is (forgive my helplessness here), how do I do that? Can I do that using the block manager, or is it done on the admin side? I assume on the admin side, and I know how to get to the forum area where the forums are listed... but I'm not sure how to create a subboard and then move some of the topics into it.
  9. Good thoughts, thanks Davyc... for the advice and the words of support. I'm going to continue to mull this over. The structure may indeed change before I fully roll it out.
  10. Thanks for the feedback opentype! This is something I've given a lot of thought to, and I'm not sure of the right approach. I know that forum best practices argue against starting with a lot of categories because it will make the site look like a ghost town in the beginning. However, the concept behind this site is to be a comprehensive resource for NCAA student athletes. From that perspective, leaving out certain sports will be counter to the goal. So my current plan is to launch will all NCAA sports represented, and to reach out to youth sports programs in each of the sports in an e
  11. OK, I am a COMPLETE newbie. First time ever creating a forum (with the assistance of a great developer named Emraan who has been my guide). The forum is called RecruitingInfo.com, and it is meant to be a place for student athletes and their parents to share information about the NCAA recruiting process, and more importantly about specific college athletic programs and coaches. As a parent and a youth sports administrator I feel there is demand for this, and it seems to me to be a need that is better filled by a forum than by a social media platform. I'm just putting the finishing t
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