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  1. They use Pages because their Blog app is too limited for a proper blog. ?
  2. Is it possible to make a single page from Pages the default index page for guests while, let's say, the forums page is the default index page for registered members?
  3. The default theme is responsive, which means that there is not a separate theme for mobile devices. Check your web browser's settings if you do not see the responsive theme on your mobile phone.
  4. When a user uploads new images to an album the new images are displayed correctly in one new entry in the activity feed. But when a user uploads new images to a photo gallery without an album, each new image will be displayed individually in the activity feed and profile page. If someone uploads several new images at once it floods the activity feed and the user's profile page, and it just looks so bad. Hey @Lindy ? please tell me this will be fixed in 4.3? ?
  5. When you do customizations to your theme never use the default theme. Always create a new theme for your customizations. This way you won't lose any of your theme edits or customizations in a new update. It's also easy to move over your old customizations to a new theme when a new major update (like 4.3) is released. The smaller and more regular updates normally don't force you to create a new theme or do the changes again. But when a major update like 4.3 is released, I would recommend you to update your theme.
  6. Basically what pushkar said. You need to edit your theme and add the menus yourself. Follow the CSS framework and you will be good:
  7. How do I create a simple sign out link for my users? I am trying with this code, but it's not working: <a href='{url="app=core&module=system&controller=login&do=logout" csrf="true" seoTemplate="logout"}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_light' data-ipsTooltip data-ipsMenu title='message'>Logout</a> Can anyone help me or point in the right direction? Thanks!
  8. Yes this, please! This also happens in the Activity stream which is really annoying, especially when it bugs out and doesn't hide the full post...
  9. Yeah, just like @Joel R said, if you have created custom fields you just use the filter button on the public Clubs page and then copy the URL from the new page. The URLs don't look pretty but they do work.
  10. Thanks, I did not know about this. I tried it on my community and it works, sort of good? If you have many categories it takes a while to sort between them if you want to change the filter (you have to uncheck each category). And URL's generated are not that great (mywebsite.com/clubs/?f1[0]=6). There is definitely room for improvement here.
  11. Well, for one thing, the blog add-on doesn't support categories(!), which IPS use here.
  12. Looks good! But what about different blog themes or the ability to add custom blocks to your blog's sidebar (you know, those features we had in the older version of the Blog add-on)?
  13. I would like to do this as well, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible. It would be great if we could get this in a future update.
  14. Yes, I am using 425 and I'm still getting the same annoying issue on profile pages. Please fix this @Lindy in the next update!
  15. I haven't been able to properly test it yet, will do so later this week. Thanks for keeping me updated.
  16. Please let me know how that goes. I might create a ticket myself if they don't take it seriously.
  17. Yes, this is the activity tab on user's profile page. Let's hope IPS will improve the profile pages in a near future, because this doesn't look good:
  18. Is it possible to control what kind of content from the other apps is automatically posted on user profiles? I am using the gallery app and I don't want my users profile pages to look like this (see image below) when they create a new album and upload a bunch of photos. I just want the entry "gallery album" to be visible on user profile pages - and NOT every "gallery image" posted. Please tell me there is a way to fix this?
  19. Hi Martin! I've just found your Minimized Quote plugin in the marketplace. Is it possible to make a similar plugin that minimizes status messages? If yes, could you please create one? ;)

  20. Uhm @Charles I can see all the topics in the Client Lounge with the Fluid forum view - even though I no longer have an active license...

    1. simonle


      See this screenshot. 2017-06-06.thumb.png.15b8d7ab5c23158cfe2a0e23f2bd13db.png

  21. Same problem here - no member can re-position their profile cover photos - since I updated to the latest stable version. I've tried to clear all the caches but that hasn't helped. And it doesn't matter if I use my custom theme or the default theme.
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