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    @InvisionHQ Hi, I have yet to upgrade to 4.2x, but I have a few suggestions. 1. If it's not available, can you please re-implement giving awards to multiple members at a time? The last time I checked, that feature was removed because it interfered with something. 2. Last I checked, there's sorting by date, category, and title, while ascending and descending order. Can we please give members more control, by allowing them to sort by clicking and dragging awards or by an up/down arrow button? Or in a way that gives them more control? Please consider. 3. Pagination: If there are many awards the page can get very long and messy. Can we have a setting to choose the amount of awards to display per page? *I'm willing to help fund these features I request.
  2. Is this app compatible with IPS 4.1x or only 4.2x?
  3. Too bad promotions are only by schedules. I like to suggest a "Promote Now" option, for content that I want to promote...well...right now. Sometimes I may want to do a one-time promotion and that's it. I don't need batches in these cases.
  4. I like the addition of fluid view to the forum index. Good job, IPS! I'd like to suggest an option, via ACP, that will allow admins to enable/disable the forums for fluid view. As it is right now, it's all or nothing. While the simplifiedViewSidebar filter is a good start, it lists all of the available forums. As an admin, I only want some of the forums to appear in a topic list style, not all. For boards with a lot of forums, the simplifiedViewSidebar can get awfully long and messy. Yes, you can control the height with simple CSS, but then that defeats the purpose of a one-click forum filter. Then what happens to the forums that are disabled for forum view? Those forums will appear in a traditional forum index table view. It's the best of both worlds. But can't you create a Page block for posts and topics feed for that purpose? Yes, but the post and topic blocks have a limitation of only displaying a fixed number of posts or topics. There is no pagination either, whereas the topic view list does. Please consider. Thank you!
  5. Can promoted content be published immediately (on the fly) or does it require the scheduler?
  6. Oh thanks! That would help tremendously.
  7. Now I remember correctly. When I edit the prefixes in Manage Prefixes, they are removed from the drop down menu when creating a post. In the ACP, the forums have the old prefixes listed, which no longer exists. It should be that when I edit the prefixes in Manage Prefixes, the changes should also apply to the forums that have prefixes. As it is now, I have to remove all of the old prefixes then re-add them.
  8. Appears to be working now. I wonder if upgrading the forum made the difference. Before prefixes disappeared when I edited them but now they don't. All is good now. Thank you!
  9. If we can get rid of "more" script all together that would be wonderful. I could create my own menu I suppose but if there's a plugin to disable it completely I'm all for it. I'll pay for it too.
  10. Let's say a prefix is !INFO and I change it to *info. All of the prefixes that were !INFO are gone, and I have to re-add the prefixes. But if I change the prefix back to !INFO, these prefixes show up again. It would be nice to be able to rename prefixes without having them removed from their titles each time.
  11. I haven't been keeping up with the messages. I was wondering if the feature of editing the prefixes without removing the existing prefixes from the titles will be added?
  12. @TheJackal84 What version of IPS does the app support? IPS: I'm not sure what happened, but when I installed 2.0.0 it blanked my ACP and site. I had to rename the stickynotes folder in the application group via ftp to correct itself. There were no errors logged in the ACP. It's just a blank white page.
  13. Ah good point! Maybe user settings to disallow sticky notes globally and from x members?
  14. I love you haha! Would there be a way to create global sricky notes from the create menu? Can there be an auto prune or cron to handle the deleted notes based on x amount of time?
  15. What was the manual fix for this error? When I click on the link, the page no longer exists. I found the fix: https://www.devfuse.com/forums/topic/11577-forms-error/
  16. Yes, I would like that feature too please!
  17. Suggestion: Can we have a setting so that if members are in selected secondary groups, they do not get promoted to a new primary group? For example: Member A donates and is now in Donors member group (primary). Works as expected. Member B is in the Donors member group (secondary). What I want to see is when member B donates, then member B's primary group remains unchanged. If it's not already possible, is it something we can have in a future release?
  18. Yeah, I've made it so wherever the Sticky Note is, it's fixed. It's perfect for my needs. And thank you for looking into Sticky Notes as an application. It will be super! Thanks, it worked perfectly!
  19. Fantastic! It's a custom template that I've made. The ipsLayout_header isn't the parent to the header, which is why it didn't work for me. If I used only the "header" as the hook it works. At any rate, I've modified the hook in the XML and hooked it at another spot. I also changed some of the CSS settings so the width resizes. .quote-container { position:fixed !important; } .note { width:auto !important; max-width:800px !important; } This works nicely. I was wondering...Rather, how difficult would it be make it so that we can add unlimited number of sticky notes? So each sticky note is independent from each other. Also, each sticky note has its own group permissions. This way we can create sticky notes for different member groups. I'm sure it's much more work, so If can do, I'll be more than happy to pay extra for such a feature. The potential is huge. Anyway, it's just a thought I had while playing with it. If not, that's fine too.
  20. I love the idea of this plugin and I just bought it. Unfortunately it's not working at the moment. The Sticky Notes don't display unless I use the default theme. Since my board Is heavily modified I may need to change the hooks to where the Sticky Notes are displayed. Is it safe for me to edit and replace the existing hooks in the XML? For example the hook below: 'selector' => '#ipsLayout_header > header', 'type' => 'add_before', 'content' => '{template="StickyNote" group="plugins" location="global" app="core"}', Do I edit and replace the selector or is there another way for me to do the changes safely?
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